Switching Places

The gods are bored, so they have a little fun while their kids are asleep; bodies, minds and souls are switched. Now they must go through life as someone new just until the gods decide to change them back of course? Can they handle it? will they learn anything? Only time will tell.

Chapter 3

No,I want to go back!!

I opened my eyes and immediately knew something was wrong. First of all,I had gone to sleep by myself. Not with a guys arms wrapped around my waist. Second,I had blonde hair. When mine was pure white and I couldn't see it unless I stood in front of a mirror. And third,the guys arms were Luke's! I screamed and jumped up,causing him to fall to the bed where I had been. Or Anna's body,whoever! He looked up at me with concern in his eyes.
Luke:What's wrong?
I started to shake my head and sat down on the ground. I probably looked crazy at the moment,good thing it was Anna's body,but I should probably stop knowing she would yell at me if she found out. He kneeled down next to me and tried to kiss me,but luckily I leaned back out of his reach. He frowned in confusion and I stood up quickly.
Stormy:I'm going to,um..go check on Stormy!
He frowned and before he could say anything I was out the door. I didn't want to play along with this anymore,it wasn't fun. All I wanted to do was go find Percy and hug him....But of course I couldn't because I would start a whole bunch of fights,and I would end up getting Percy hurt,or Luke.And Luke at this point in time would be worse to injure because he's Anna's husband! Even if I technically am Anna....but I will not be married at the age of 17! I saw Percy running along the beach and grinned, It soon fell when I realized I was Anna,so I couldn't run up behind him,tackle him,then kiss him.... I walked down slowly and he looked up at me before smiling.
Percy:Hi Anna!
I smiled back at him.
Stormy:Hi Percy. Have you seen Stormy?
Percy:Nico said she's talking to Hades right now....
I nodded sadly and sighed before turning around and walking back up. I was getting down there,and I was yelling at somebody to do so!

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