The First Quarter Quell

A Hunger Games group story that Fab4Forever, and I are writing. Hope you guys like it.

Chapter 3

Quinoa POV (District 11)

by: CherryTop
Getting voted by your district isn't even fair. I guess it saves the parents their children. Of course, being the mayor's daughter, why would anyone vote for me? I'd humiliate the entire District.

"Quinoa good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor," my father, Mayor Millet said. I stepped out of the house, wearing the best clothes I had. A simple white skirt, my field boots, and a brown shirt.

Who did everyone vote for? I prayed not me, because I would make District 11 look stupid. Everyone surely knows that. On the other hand, we're richer than most in the District, so maybe they can kill off a kid who isn't starving all the time.

Okay, I'm starving about 90% of the time. Being mayor doesn't give you special privileges.

I stood in the 15-year-old section, feeling everyone's eyes on me. I was confused as our escort, Annasi Powell called the name.

"Quinoa." I barely felt my feet turn to lead as I shuffled onstage, a small cheer erupting from the crowd. Did they really want me gone? I glanced at our mentor, Triticale, and at my father. Tears stung my eyes as he refused to look at me.

"Rye." I widened my eyes as Rye walked onstage, knees shaking. My entire body felt like ice, and my heart stopped. I numbly locked my fingers onto his, refusing to meet eye contact.

Rye was my thirteen year old brother.

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