The First Quarter Quell

A Hunger Games group story that Fab4Forever, and I are writing. Hope you guys like it.

Chapter 33

Rye the winner

by: CherryTop
Michaels cannon sounded. I screamed as the mutts devoured his body and as the trumpets announced I was the winner. "Congratulations to Rye, District Elvene winner for the 25th Annual Hunger Games!"

My mind was numb as a hovercraft came to get me. I had nothing left at home, nothing left at all. My family hated me and Quinia was dead. Why was I alive?

After the medics worked on me, I was released to go home. I sat in my house in Victors Village and started to cry. Being a winner was no fun at all... Especially if your sister and best friend died in the process of becoming one.

In my anger at everything I grabbed a knife and stalked over to my old home. My father did not even greet me, although my escort did. She lives with me now.

I pounded on the door. My father answered and was surprised to see me there. "Rye, what are you doing?" he noticed the knife in my hands.

"This is for Quinoa, you bastard," I snarled. I shoved the knife into his chest and left his dead body there for everyone to see. They couldn't punishment for it.

I was a victor, after all.

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