A Story about my Friend Kiara Padilla: the Best Person in the World!!!!!

This is for the best girl in the world: Kiara! Read this when you need to be cheered up, boo!!!! =3

Chapter 1


Once upon a time, the most amazing girl ever walked into Wal-mart. Her name was Kiara. You see, Kiara was a huge basket of rainbowy raw talent, which is why she went to Wal-mart. She didn't forget her major swag, either.

Anyway, Kiara strolls into wal-mart with her fancy hat upon her head. Then, look at that! Cinna, from the Hunger Games walks up!

"My dear! You must tell me where you got such beauty."

Kiara smiles shyly at first, but soon strikes a pose. "Please, Cinna. Don't flatter me. Walk with me, Hon'." Kiara takes the meeting with Cinna in stride and continues on her way.

Guess who else she meets? FRICKIN' JOSH HUTCHERSON links arms with her like they see each other everyday--they soon would. Ooooh! Spoiler!

"Oh, hi, Josh." Kiara blinks at him, poking his face to make sure he is real.

Josh laughs. "It's ok. Lots of people poke my face. I am very lucky for you to poke my face."

"So corny..." Kiara laughs.

Buttercup, the cat, shows up and happens to knock over an expensive vase....as expensive as a vase in Wal-mart can get. A Wal-mart employee rushes forward to clean it up.

The manager demands who broke it, and Kiara, who has taken a strange liking to Buttercup, convinces him it was a flying squirrel monkey. The manager believes her because she is such an amazing actress and because she is just so GORGEOUS!

Josh gaps at her. "You're gorgeous, talented, and there is no doubting your charm. Marry me."

"Ugh..." Kiarra groans. "Sure!"

"You could also," Cinna begins, "be Rue in the Hunger Games movie."

Kiara can't answer because they whisk her away on a private jet! When the casting director sees her, they demand she be Rue! Kiara's dream!

Kiara becomes the most well known actress in history. Her and her family get so much money Kiara can get them a mansion. Oh, but wait, nobody can live there unless her stepdad is gone.

What can I say? Bye bye, stepfather!

Kiara's mom looks at her with tears in her eyes. "Oh, Kiara. You have made me so proud! You are the best child ever! I love you forever and I will never get mad again!"

Everybody throws Kiara a parade because she is just that awesome.

Kiara lives forever as the most amazing, gorgeous, and overall loveliest person in the world!!!!

It was meant to be.

I love you, Kiara!


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