A Crow of a Raven

A Crow of a Raven

Inside the mind of Raven Crawford,a wicked,loner, depressed teen girl

Chapter 1

The Shiny Glass

9:00pm/Friday (Home)

Sometimes I feel so mad I think my grip could squeeze a glass cup, breaking it, leaving my hands with blood,would that make me a murderer? A glass cup broken into pieces like being torn part from part...maybe soap will help, clean my hands and my dirty thoughts...heehee

I wonder what would happen if I smash a mirror with my forehead, think I would be insane with a bloody head and my mom would come in cussing up a storm while I stand pretending to do my hair in a broken mirror.

Nah...but I will write it down as a thought, think i'll go get something to drink but maybe in a paper cup... at least I know if any glass broke I could never be effected by bad luck when I'm living with it...as it eat in a bowl with yellow eyes.

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