Twist in my time turner (Read intro)

A malfunction in her Time-Turner sends Lily Evans forward in time to 1997. Just in time for the second Wizard War!

All credits and ideas go to silly_old_bear.

IMPORTANT: This is chapter 2 to silly_old_bear's story. Here is the link to chapter 1:

Chapter 1


Neville didn't know what to think. Lily Evans? He walked around the school thinking to himself. Neville still had not told anybody what the red-head had said.

"It's my Time-Turner. I'm Lily Evans."

"How can you be 'Lily Evans'?" Neville had asked. "Lily Evans is dead."

"I must have broke my Time-Turner when Malfoy pushed me out the Astronomy Tower." she replied.

"Draco pushed you out the Astronomy Tower? I thought you said you were Lily Evans." Neville said.

"Draco? Is that Lucius' son?" Lily asks.

"Yeh." Neville replied, feeling kinda slow. "Tell you what. You don't go yapping your mouth off to people that you are Lily Evans and I will be right back. Kay?"

"Then who should I be?" Lily asked, annoyed.

"Umm.... How 'bout Hayley. You look like a Hayley. Hayley Garrett." Neville felt like a complete lunatic. He could not believe that this was Harry's mum. Not yet at least.

Lily nodded. "Um, Neville, what year are you in? Also your House? Just curious. And what year is it?"

Neville replied as he got up, "I'm in seventh year in Gryffindor. It is...." He hesitated for a second. "1997."

As Neville got up to go back to his dorm, Lily grinned. Neville knew that grin. Lily knew something and he had a hunch about what that something was.

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