Equivalent Exchange: A FMA-Fanfic

Hey everyone!! This is gonna be a FMA fan-fic, so of course it's not real dummy! I'm gonna put Al_MyKnightInShiningArmor (aka MrsPonyboyCurtis) in it, it's a surprise for her but not for me!! BTW, she calls Al. Anyway, it's gonna be mostly about a girl named Cassie Bain who's just moving to Resembool, away from her abusive brother. Oh, my friend's name is gonna be Mica Khan. But, I don't think she's Japanese. Anyways, I'm boring y'all to death, so on with the story!! :D

Chapter 1

Moving to Resembool

Moving away was probably the best thing my mother and I ever planned. We were moving away because my brother, Conrad, was probably the most abusive person there could ever be. Our plan was to pack all of our belongings, and leave our home at dusk. Conrad never noticed us leaving because he is a heavy sleeper, and he normally wakes up at night time. So, considering the circumstances, he's nocturnal. My mom and I, are moving to a town named Resembool, because there was a small home there for cheap. My mother, Kristen, never deserved any of my brother's back talk. She was a gentle person, who gave up many things so my brother and I had things. All he gave her back, was a hard time. Which everyone knows is a main rule in alchemy, equivalent exchange. I, am one who uses alchemy a lot. Now, my brother has seen "The Truth" so he never needed to create a transmutation circle. I, for one, always needed to because I've never seen it. Thus, when my brother was abusing me, he took cheap shots, because he knew I have to create a circle while he just puts his hands together. Alchemy has gotten me through much in life, including school. I never talked to anyone, teachers never called on me, and everyone knew one thing about me, that I'm an alchemist. No one would pick on me, they were afraid because no one at my age understood alchemy yet. No one called me Cassie they called me, "the girl with the tear-stained face." I'm not shy, it's just that I don't like talking to anybody at all, I could explode with fury anytime I wanted. I'm glad I get to have a fresh start in Resembool.

What I saw when I got there, three children that look about my age, running around and having fun. I have never had fun, I've had hardships. The only fun I've ever had was practicing alchemy, my mother said I take it after my grandfather, and he was one of those "State Alchemists." My mom and I got out of our car, and got our luggage, the three children saw us and ran up to me excitedly. "Hi, I'm Edward!" the short kid said. "Hi, I'm Alphonse," the nervous kid said. Then the girl standing next to Alphonse said, "Hi, I'm Mica!" "So, what's your name," Edward said, looking at me strange. "What's under your eyes?" I could tell he saw they were tear-stained. "My daughter doesn't like talking the first time she meets people, by the way her name's Cassie," my mother said. Thank God she saved me, or I would have ended up bursting into tears, running in our new home. My mom and I walked into our home as they all said, "Bye, Cassie." "Th-thanks for saving out there mom," I said. "No problem, dear," My mom replied. It was a beautiful day, I kind of wish I decided to meet them. I looked out the window, and what I saw amazed me, the two boys were performing alchemy. I thought not many kids understood, or even had the guts to do it at such a young age. "Well, I'm going to meet their mother's," my mom said. "Are you sure you don't want to play with the other kids?" I decided I would give it a try, not talking for a long time to anyone your age, makes you feel lonely. And I am really sick of being lonely, for a long time I've felt isolated, I actually forgot this was a new start. I couldn't wait to actually introduce myself instead of my mom introducing me.

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