Before it all... An Outsider's Fanfic

Chapter 1

The Beginning

"It's okay honey, your doing great! The press isn't even near the hospital!" Joe says smiling.
"YOU THINK I REALLY CARE ABOUT PAPARAZZI RIGHT NOW?!" She replied through clenched teeth. Joe shrugged as Marilyn screamed some more.
"Up, here it comes!" The doctor says goofily.
Marilyn screams as Joe cringes. Just then the room is filled with the sound of a newborn babies cries.
"Congratulations Ms. Monroe! You have a beautiful baby girl!" The doctor says swaddling the infant in pink blankets.
"Let me see her, let me see my baby" Marilyn pants. The doctor places her gingerly in Marilyn's arms.
"Wow, babe she looks just like you!" Joe laughs. Marilyn can't help smile herself. She's pale, long legs and fingers. Her eyes are wide and already decorated with long black lashes. Her eyes were dark as night, with large pupils. Her lips were small, plump, and red as though she's wearing lipstick. Her light blonde hair was thin and barely noticeable.
"Oh my" Marilyn says lovingly.
"She's perfect" Joe says a smile in his voice.
"W-Where's the family" Marilyn says sadly.
"Right outside. I'll go get them" Joe says disappointed.
"Congratulations Mr. DiMaggio!" The couple says exuberantly. Joe only nodded and smiled. He motioned them in and Marilyn gave them a good run down.
The man looked about 30, caramel colored hair parted and slicked to the side. He had small glasses and dressed in an outdated tweed suit jacket. She was short, thin, with a motherly face, with similar brunette hair. She had warm hazel eyes, and tan skin. They looked nothing like Marilyn's baby.
"Oh isn''t she just gorgeous" Mrs. Marcoux says smiling at the infant.
"You'll take care of her good" Marilyn says threateningly. Mrs.Marcoux nods feverishly.
"Name her.... Marilyn." She smiles. Mrs.Marcoux smiles to and laughs lightly.
"Quite fitting Ms. Monroe" She smiles kindly.
"I want to see her. On her 18th birthday. She'll be a true women then. You hear me? I will see her then" Marilyn says. Mrs.Marcoux smiled though on the inside she cried. She wanted the child to be her own. As she couldn't have children herself, she wanted this baby to be hers. What will little Marilyn think when she finds out her mother is Marilyn Monroe?! She'll never want to see Mrs.Marcoux again.
"Of coarse Ms.Monroe!" She says happily. Marilyn cracked a stunning smile that sent Mrs.Marcoux into a dizzy.
"Well, goodbye my child" Marilyn sighs. She hands the baby over to her new mother.
"Ms.Monroe, don't mind me asking but, why wouldn't you keep you child? I know if I could have children I'd never want to let her go. Especially a beauty like her" Mrs.Marcoux said rocking the baby.
"I'm Marilyn Monroe! I do not have children! I am not a mother!" Marilyn says laughing.
"Yes of coarse. Thank you again Ms" Mrs.Marcoux smiled.
"Ready dear?" Mr.Marcoux said smiling. They began walking out when Joe slipped in front of them.
"Here, take this. I want my daughter to have a good life, and you the same" He says with warm eyes. With that he slipps a large wad of cash into Mr.Marcoux's shirt pocket.
"Why thank you sir!" He says excited. Joe pats him on the back, and kisses his daughters cheek for the first and last time.
Mr and Mrs Marcoux rushed out excited to their blue Mustang Convertible.
"Oh I can't wait to take you home!" Mrs.Marcoux laughed. Mr.Marcoux laughed and even the infant giggled. They sped down gleefully, pulling into their large farm house, placed on acres and acres of land.
"Welcome home baby!" Mrs.Marcoux said joyfully. They all walked happily into the house.

"Mamma, I don't wanna go!" Marilyn whines. 5 years later, Marilyn looked as perfect as she had as an infant. Though now her hair fell to her shoulders, in curls owned by her perfect mother.
"Mara, you have to! I promise you kindergarten will be fun!" Her mother said, zipping up Marilyn's blue floral dress.
"Ya'll ready? Mr.Marcoux called from the floor below. Marilyn looked annoyed as she stomped down the stairs. Even at five she had a regal air about her. Demanding respect, and drawing people in.
"Ready toots?!" Mr.Marcoux said enthusiastically.
"Race ya!" Marilyn cried. And with that the two ran out of the house, Mr.Marcoux letting his small daughter win.
"Is this kindergarten smelly?" She asks her 50th question in the car ride.
"Marilyn I'm sure it's not smelly" Mrs.Marcoux said laughing. Marilyn wasn't exactly reassured but remained silent the rest of the ride.
Finally they arrived at the small school house.
"Bob!? Tammy?!" Cries a familiar voice. Mr.Marcoux looks up from his daughter, for who called their name so familiarly.
"Jane?! Darrel?!" He says equally enthusiastic.
"Wow, Darrel and Jane Curtis!" Mrs.Marcoux says hugging them.
"How long has it been?" Jane asks smiling.
"Too long!" Bob says laughing. Jane's usually hard look was lightened at her high school friends. Darrel was smiling happily, as he usually always did.
"Dad, Sodapop is climbing that tree you told him not too!" a little boy says running up to them.
"Oh, Darry say hello to Mr and Mrs Marcoux! This is our oldest son Darrel Jr" Darrel Sr. said patting his son's back.
"And how old are you?" Tammy asks sweetly.
"Eight" Darrel Jr says confidently. He was tall for his age, and solid. He looked just like his father but with the most piercing eyes. He looked older than his age.
"Wait, Darry did you say Soda was climbing that tree?" Darrel Sr. says suddenly worried.
"Yup!" Darry says, proudly.
"Aw damn, excuse me a sec, our second son Soda is a bit too much like his father" Darrel Sr. laughs. And with that he runs off towards a large oak behind them. Suddenly Tammy noticed the stroller behind Mrs. Curtis.
"And who's in there?" Tammy asks.
"Oh! This is our youngest son Ponyboy, how old are you baby?" Jane asks sweetly. The small boy, had a chubby baby face with big green/grey eyes. He was just about the cutest baby boy The Marcoux's have seen.
"Two" He says shyly.
"Well isn't he just precious!" Tammy says happily.
"Mommy, I wanna go home" Marilyn says climbing out of the car.
"Oh and who's this?" Jane asks sweetly.
"This is Marilyn! Marilyn say hello to Mrs. Curtis" Tammy says patting her daughters back.
"Hello, nice to meet you" She said in her small accent.
"Well aren't you just the most precious thing!" Jane says leaning down to her eye level.
"I'm five" Marilyn says proudly.
"Wow! What a big girl you are!" Jane laughs. Marilyn smiles when Darrel Sr is back, a small boy in his arms.
"Dad! C'mon I was makin it to the very top!" The boy whined. Darrel placed him on his feet, and he scowled at his father. He had long hair he greased to the side for the occasion. He had big, brown eyes and a gorgeous little face. Just like his mother.
"And this is the trouble maker." Jane says shaking her head.
"Hi, I'm Sodapop" the small boy says, ignoring his mothers comment.
"Wow! What a cool name!" Bob says shaking his little hand.
"Yup, dad named me himself" Sodapop says smiling. "Who are you?" He asks Marilyn suddenly.
"Marilyn, are you going to this school too?" She asks also to his parents.
"Yup, I don't wanna but they say I got to." Soda says nodding to his parents. He slipped his hands in his pockets and looked at Marilyn admiringly.
"You have to go to school Sodapop" Jane says strictly.
"Alright alright, c'mon it's time to go" Soda says looking at all the children enter the small house. The group began walking when Soda whispered into Marilyn's ear.
"C'mon you wanna make a break for it?" He smiles wickedly.
"But, won't our parents be mad? She says worried.
"You really wanna go to school?" he laughs.
"Good point.... Ready, on the count of three, we'll run to that tree there. The one on the other side of the hill" Marilyn says pointing off in the distance.
"Okay... 3!" Soda cires. Marilyn giggles as Soda takes her small hand. They run off as none of the parents seem to notice. By the time the reach the Willow Tree on the opposite side of the hill, their panting and laughing.
"We're in so much trouble!" Marilyn laughs.
"Who cares?! Trouble is fun!" Soda cries. Marilyn laughs.
"Tag your it!" Soda cries and they spend the next half hour chasing each other around the tree. finally the collapsed at the foot of the tree. They were panting as they they lay underneath the large tree.
"Sodapop! Marilyn!!" Someone in the in the distance yells.
"You know, your the first friend I have that's a... Girl" Soda says slightly disgusted.
"Well your my first friend ever!" Marilyn says excited.
"Who cares if your a girl! Well you might be a dumb girl but we can still be friends" Soda shrugs.
"And you might be a nasty boy but I like you" She smiles. Soda looks over at her smiling. With that they laughed and hid from their worried parents.

Okay so I looked every where for Mrs. Curtis's name and it's never mentioned in the book. So I just kind of made one up :) Pleaseeee comment? Thanks for reading!

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