Before it all... An Outsider's Fanfic

Chapter 2

Years later

"Sodapop Curtis!" Mrs. O'danavitch yells. Her squeaky voice breaks the idle chit chat, causing an awkward silence. Soda's left wide eyed and terrified.
"Yeah?" He asks cringing. This 7th grade homeroom teacher doen't take crap. Soda knows this and braces for the worst.
"Do we need to give you another detention-" She begins walking towards him.
"No teacher! It was me... I'm very sorry" Marilyn speaks up. Of coarse it wasn't her, but she has a way with adults. Her dark eyes intimidating to even a 50 year old like Mrs. O'danavitch. Her blonde curls to her shoulders were enough to send a model jealous. As she grew older her cheeks became more hollowed, and her waist smaller. Today she had that perfect blonde hair in a loose french braid, and cuffed blue jeans with a white leather belt holding them against her stickily waist.
"Well Ms. Marcoux, I'm quite surprised" She says shocked. Marilyn looks down ashamed, all a big act.
"Anyway's! Who can tell me the Confederate General during the Civil War!" She calls to her class. Hands shoot up as Marilyn looks back down at her notes. Just then a crumbled piece of paper flies onto her desk.
Why is she so easy on you?! The handwriting was sloppy and rushed. Soda's.
Cuz I'm good. Unlike someone... She responds. He laughs though quickly disguises it as a cough, seeing the teachers look.

Finally the bell rang and people filed out.
"Marilyn wanna hang out today?!"
"Marilyn can you come shopping with me?!"
"Marilyn can I come over?! I just love you house!" Marilyn was bombarded by about six girls who insisted on following her every move.
"Um, let me get out of here first" She says dizzied. They all laugh in synch as Marilyn rushes out. Her mint green locker was tall and thin. Inside was glued pictures of her favorite band Frankie Valley and the Four Seasons , her 'husband' Frank Sinatra, and her total idol Marilyn Monroe. All the girls say Marilyn looks just like her, but Marilyn denies this. She thinks no one can be as perfect as Monroe.
"Um, uh, excuse me" Comes a shy voice. Marilyn peeks over the crowd of babbling girls to the small 6th grader. He had tan skin, long bangs that were greasy as Sodapop's, Johnny Cade. He was short enough to be confused with the elementary school kids.
"Beat it hood!" Emma said laughing obnoxiously. Johnny went tomato red and began to slouch away.
"Hey Johnny!" Marilyn calls. He turns immediately at her silky voice. She smiles and makes a way for him to get to his locker, placed right next to Marilyn's. He's rather quick getting his books and quickly runs out.
"Oh. My. Golly! Look! Dallas Winston! I hear he was just arrested for shooting a guy!"
"Nu-uh! I heard he was arrested for stealing his daddy's gun!" The girls fought. Marilyn looks up at the tall 8th grader. He just looked dangerous. He walked down like the celebrity he was. When he passed Marilyn she gave a little nod. He looked back and gave her a little wink.
"Oh my gosh!" One squealed. Marilyn rolled her eyes.
"It doesn't even matter, I mean he's not even the cutest guy in the school" Amelia said twirling her chocolate hair in her fingers.
"Yeah, he's nothing like Sodapop" Emma sighed. They all turned to stare as Soda was amidst a large crowd of boys, laughing at god knows what.
"Marilyn are you sure you don't like him?" Emma asks nervously.
"No I don't like him. He's a friend" Marilyn replies, careful with her words. Really he was like a best friend, but she didn't want to insult any of them.
"Did you see NBC's gonna start recording in color?!" Jenna cried out, snapping out of Soda's charm.
"What do you expect?! It's 1962 I'm surprised we don't have hover cars by now!" Emma said dramatically.
"Well my Kennedy says he'll put a man on the moon" Marilyn says dreamily.
"Of coarse Mrs. Marilyn Kennedy!" Jenna said playing along with her. Marilyn rolls her eyes smiling, and shuts the locker tight.
"Well I'll see you girls tomorrow" She dismisses and walks across the hall to Soda's locker.
"Hey, walk me to the bus stop?" She asks as boys disperse.
"Do I have to?" He whines sarcastically.
"Yes, yes you do" Marilyn says raising an eyebrow. He restrains a laugh while they walk out together. It's 15 minutes to the bus stop, 20 minute bus ride, then a 10 minute walk through the acres surrounding her house.
"Hey you free tomorrow?" Soda asks suddenly.
"I think, why?" Marilyn wonders, their now steps from the worn down bus stop.
"Well all the boys'll be there, and we need a ref for football." He says simply. The bus begins pulling in.
"Sure, see you then" Marilyn grins. Soda smiles and begins walking off in the opposite direction.
Marilyn climbs the narrow steps of the bus. Grabs a seat up front, and watches the May sun whiz by around her.

"Your birthday's comin up Mara! What do you think you want?" Mrs. Marcoux asks. Marilyn had stopped at the house first to drop off her bags and get in clothes she wouldn't mind having wrecked.
"I want Frank Sinatra's new album mamma! Oh and I want that new band... Their called The Beatles they just recorded that song Love Me Do" Mara calls from the stairs. Mrs.Marcoux moans in agreement as Marilyn runs outside to the bus.

"Alright let's make teams!" Darry calls to the group of kids.
"Alright since we're oldest, we'll be captains" Two-Bit says obnoxiously. He just loves to show of he's oldest.
"Fine, well I got Dallas" Darry says instantly. Dally nods, content. By this time Marilyn was just getting off the bus stop by the lot.
"Alright then I get Sodapop" Two-bit calls. Soda smiles and high fives Two-bit.
"Steve" Darry calls. Soda curses under his breath. Steve smiles half heartedly.
"Pony" Two-Bit says confidently.
"Alright so it's odd... C'mon Johnnycakes you'll be our sit out for the first round." Darry says patting his back.
"Alright, flip a coin" Marilyn calls walking over. She tosses Darry a coin and ends up getting first. The first four downs were simple. Marilyn knew the sport and enjoyed refereeing.
"Hey Grease!" Someone calls. The game stops and everyone turns around to see a group of South Side kids looking at them nastily.
"Pony go home" Darry mumbles to the 11 year old. Pony groans and stays, making the big 16 year old angry.
"Can we play? Oh wait, the ball'll be all slippery after being in your greasy hands" Marilyn knew him. Bob Sheldon. He lives on the ranch a half an hour from her. Real rich family.
Well shortly theirs a giant fight as Marilyn runs out of the way. She usually acts as nurse when they stumble out with a bloody something. Luckily this time their weren't many and they were running before any big injuries.
"What in the world is goin on?!" Mr.Curtis said running out. Soda looked exuberant as he felt his bloody nose.
"Aw damn, dad ain't gonna be to happy bout this one" Steve said as he feels where his face is bruised.
"Sorry Mr.Curtis, they just sorta came at us" Johnny said meekly. Mr.Curtis being the good man he is wrapped his arm around the kid and shook his long hair.
"Oh I ain't mad at you Johnny... Alright what's the rule?" He asks.
"Mom never knows" All three of the Curits boys say simultaneously. Marilyn smiles along with all the other juvenile Greasers...

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