The Girl With the Fans (Hunger Games Love Story)

The Girl With the Fans (Hunger Games Love Story)

This has been in the back of my mind for a long time...and just so everyone knows I don't update until I get at least 5 comments its not that hard guys come on!
Name: Kitana Scarlet Willows
Hunger Games:72nd
Object of Use: Steel Fans With Sharp Knifes at the Ends, Bow and Arrows, and Daggers
Hair Color: Black
Eyes: Hazel
District:12 Mining
Family: Father (deceased), Mother, Sister (Rometta)9

She is mainly based off of Kitana from Mortal Kombat
No Real Love for a while.

Chapter 1

Birthday and Reaping

"Kitana, Kitana!" I hung high in the tree over Gale and Katniss. They were searching for me again and I didn't know why they didn't look up in the trees, that's where I always am. I pulled a arrow out from my sheath and take aim at Katniss's foot. I shot it off and it lands right next to her left foot. She whirls around and shoots off the arrow and it scrapes my shirt as it passes. I laugh out loud as I climb down from the tree.

"You know, if that would have hit me, then the Peacekeepers would've beaten you." I joke. Katniss smiles and replies, "Because everyone is so scared of the red-haired Darius." We laugh but Gale has a distant look in his eye.

"You should get back to him." He glares at me suddenly and I huff. Katniss looks as though she wants to say something but doesn't.

“It isn’t that serious Gale, we’ve only been together for a year.” He doesn’t do anything for a long while, then finally he looks up at me.

“We should get back in order to get ready for the Reaping before we really do get punished.” He starts walking.

“This is a horrible way of saying happy birthday.” I whisper to Katniss. She just gives me a reassuring smile before she walks off after him. We approach the fence and, since I’m the smallest, I go through the fence first, then Katniss and finally Gale goes after us. We hit the square and go straight towards the Hob. We’re greeted as soon as we hit the door.

“What do you got for us, Gale?” asks Greasy Sae. Gale throws a turkey on the table and Katniss and I add a few grooslings.

“Good Haul?” a voice behind me asks. “

Yep, shouldn’t you be getting ready for the Reapings anyways Darius?” I see the redhead smile a toothy grin back at me. Then I notice his Peacekeepers uniform. “Oh.”

“You should be the one getting ready, you need as much as you can get. One of the good things you get with being Reaped is the makeover, you’ll need it, I mean we can all look as good as Katniss over there.” I snicker because Katniss is covered in mud and dirt. She sticks her tongue out.

“Gale, lets go.” I yell over the commotion of the crowd. But he doesn’t seem to hear me. “Come on we have to go.” Katniss tugs my arm.

“I’ll get him there in time.” Darius promises. I give him a small smile. We head back into town. When we hit my street Katniss gives me a look.

“Don’t worry Katniss, after the Reapings we can come back to my house and celebrate.” She nods and walks off leaving me to walk the rest of the way by myself. When I walk into the house my ankles are attacked by a small creature. I laugh and pull Rome off of me.

“I was so worried!” “Kitana, is that you!” I grin as I smell the cookies. “Yeah, mom!” She walks into the living room holding a plate of cookies that are still steaming. She sit’s the plate down and walks forward and pulls my arm.

“You smell like the forest.” She hates that smell so much, it reminds her of Father. Every time I come back from hunting she immediately throws me into the shower. I know how she feels so I don’t complain. Father did always have that woodsy smell that I loved. He never smelled of the mines like Katniss’s father would when I saw him or like a fresh shower like Gale’s father. After he die, my mother didn’t know what to do. I never heard or saw her cry. Rome was always the one to see her though, like she just always knew. My mother came from District 7 and she loved it there. She was depressed when she moved here as a kid at the age of ten. When she met my father she fell head over heels in love because of his smell. My father later admitted to her that the reason was because he hunted in the forest. They got married the next week. After the wedding my mother revealed that she was pregnant with me and the rest is history. After the shower, she let me eat the cookies while she did my dress and my hair. It was a secret, but I loved to wear them. She put my hair in a updo that she knew a certain person would love. I blushed when she complained about me eating five cookies. Mother fixed her and Rome’s dress and we headed out the door. Once we were in front of the Justice Building I went of to the ropes where the people who were fourteen year olds were supposed to stand. I found Katniss and hugged her tight. She hugged me back and we searched for Gale. He was standing in the front of the sixteen year old boys crowd, he spotted us and I gave a wave. Then the cameras started filming when we all got in our rightful places. I didn’t listen to President Snow or Mayor Undersee wish us a Happy Hunger Games. I mean, would it hurt them to mention my birthday? Afterwards some Capital lady named Effie Trinket comes up to also wish us a Happy Hunger Games. Then she introduces Haymitch Abbernathy. I managed to keep him sober for this event. Haymitch was a friend of my father and was also able to keep him sober for a longer while than I am. Haymitch is also my Godfather. He sits down and his eyes rake around the crowd when he finds me. I smile but he doesn’t smile back at me. Effie then speaks into the microphone,

“Ladies first!” she chirps excitedly that I can’t help but be disgusted with her. She reaches into the jar and pulls out a name. The whole crowd is in suspense. She smiles and go back over to the microphone and calls out, “Kitana Willows!” WHAT?!

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