Crazy Idea! lol I'm sitting in a hospital bed really bored so plz join so i can have something to do ;D

tehe thanks for clicking :3

Chapter 1

Who's The Next Mr. Or Ms. Quibblo?!

Well read the title lol it kind of explains i xD
So I wanted to do like almost a pageant out of Quibblo users!
They'll be judged on
1.) Two Of their stories/quizzes
3.) How people describe them (Kind, funny, awesome etc)
4.) We can do beauty but i thought it was weird... Idk it's up to u guys.

So heres the deal....
In the comments you can enter another user, with a link to their profile. Also write a little about them and why their great :) If you'd lik eneter yourself! After I get 10 users I'll make a poll and see who wins!

I hope this can boost some peoples confidence and get everyone to really see the inner beauty in people! You can make 'campaign stories' asking people to vote for you if you'd like but remember, you can't be rude to the other contestants. Again I only made this to help people see their loved, and supported! Limit, you can only nominate one person!

If this is stupid that's fine, lol I just wanted something to keep myself and Quibblo entertained for a bit :)

May the odds be forever in your favor! xDD


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