Call Me Crazy....

This is going to be about 5 SUPER close friends and a mean girl. The friends don't want to let high school tear them apart. The mean girl just wants to keep her popularity going. Who says high school friends don't last??
In the first chapter I'll write down the nicknames/usernames of the people who are writing this with me. :)

Chapter 2

first day of school(Amber Rose Wolfe)

I woke to my alarm. i rolled over and groaned. why didn't i go to bed earlier? oh yeah i was texting all of my friends. i looked over at my clock. 6:30. i got up and went to my bathroom. i got dressed in some jean shorts and a light purple tee with a ear on it. inside joke. I went downstairs and my mom handed me my favorite breakfast. sausage breakfast sandwich

thanks mom

mom: no problem dear. i hope they are okay

it always is mom. i should get going. i will tell you about my dad when you get home from work okay?

my mom kissed my forehead and i grabbed my back pack and put on my tennies. i started to walk to school. i got into school and headed to my locker. i closed my locker to see my group of friends there. They consisted of Alexis a.k.a Rose, Damien, Jade, Gina, and Kimberly

hey guys ready for this school year?

they all shrugged

Rose: we should all promise something.. friends forever okay?

i nodded and everyone agreed. the warning bell rang and i headed to my first class. Algebra II.

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