Call Me Crazy....

This is going to be about 5 SUPER close friends and a mean girl. The friends don't want to let high school tear them apart. The mean girl just wants to keep her popularity going. Who says high school friends don't last??
In the first chapter I'll write down the nicknames/usernames of the people who are writing this with me. :)

Chapter 3

Kimberly Garcia

Mary: "Oh look theres Alexis "
Me:"Eww. Who dresses her, her little sister. That tacky shirt hurts my eyes." I walked past her and her frinds,andbumped her unaccidentaly.
Me:"Oh hi ALEXIS. Im sorry i didnt see u there. That shirt ur wearin blinded my eyes."
Alexis:" Oh yeah? Well those shoes ur wearing.....that top....Well u kno what im going to get u later."
Me: "What EXACTLY r u going to do,little ms wanna be popular."

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