Hi! I Got's Something For You! :D (Changed Topic) {ADDED INFO}

Chapter 1

It's A Contest! :P

by: Luvli_Grl
Ok so I wanna do a contest on quibblo. I think it would be fun. So are you ready to see? Here goes! :D

This contest is that you have to create a story. I don't care how long it is or whatever. The topic is...

The Happiest Year Of My Life

I know, random topic huh? Yep!
So! You decide what those words mean to you and create a story about it. This should be a good challenge for any writer out there. But, that's not all!

1st Place Winner Receives:

1) a digital bouquet of flowers and a crown (since I have never met you in public or have your address or so on....)

2) a chance to have there own group story with me (whatever you want to write about)

3) A guest appearance in one of my group stories (surprise, surprise!)

So you can start my contest whenever you are ready, and write a great great great story!

1st chapter is due...March 22, 2012. Eastern Time Please at 8:00 pm. Central: 7:00pm. And so on...

~Luvli_Grl wuz here wishing you good luck! Bye now! :D

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