Jar of Hearts(for SHYLONEWOLF's Contest)

Jar of Hearts, Original, Firstsight07
It probably wont be too good. It's just a side story I am doing for fun. And who doesn't love fun? I love fun! =D
Ockie dokie! If you do like it, please comment. It influences me. =}
In this story, the person who is telling it is Christina Perri herself! It is about what influenced her to write the song.

Chapter 1

The Jar

He truly did have me at hello. He lost me when I saw her.

There I was, waiting for him to leave his apartment. I came to surprise him with a ticket to his favorite band, which I had spent the previous day tricking him into telling me. Johnny didn't like for me to buy him things. He said I was too precious to him.

I gazed up at the overcast sky, the incessant thunder rattling the bones in my body. Sprinkling rain fell in eerily silent drops that raced down my arms and legs. I lifted my hand to the sky, allowing a few of the raindrops to pool in my hand so I could watch them drip down my fingers. I adored rainy weather, but I couldn't help wonder why the clouds decided to travel over this dull town. The Weather Channel promised clear weather tonight. I chose not to question mother nature. It knew what was best.

After twenty minutes in the bitter wind, my legs were shaking like I had a cold. I probably did. I climbed up the stairs to Johnny's apartment, careful not to slip on the damp metal steps. I pulled my jacket tight around my body and knocked on his door. Nobody answered.

I furrowed my eyebrows. Johnny's apartment only consisted of two rooms: a morphed living room/kitchen and a bedroom, so he must have heard me. The rain wasn't loud enough to drown out my knock, either.

I knocked again more urgently. This time, Johnny answered. His hair sat disheveled on his head and he rubbed his eyes. "What do you want, Christi?" he growled.

I frowned. Johnny had never been rude to me before, but I shrugged it off. He was obviously sleepy. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were sleeping." I apologized, shivering from the cold.

Johnny muttered something unintelligible and slammed the door in my face. I gaped at the door, my body beginning to weigh ten times more. This feeling was soon replaced by fury and I grabbed the spare key and charged inside.

I didn't like what I saw. Another girl was sitting in his lap and, by the looks of it, it seemed like they were trying to swallow each other. Beer bottles were discarded across the floor. The room was uncomfortably hot and smelled musty.

Johnny glared at me angrily. "I thought slamming the door in your face was a fine goodbye."

I remained speechless, sopping wet and utterly humiliated.

"Who is she?" The girl asked, clinging to Johnny. My boyfriend.

Johnny spat in my general direction. "My ex, Christina. She has been stalking me."

The girl rose from Johnny's arms and proceeded toward me. She slapped me before I could comprehend it. Thankfully, the shock of the slap unfroze my limbs. I slapped her back, much, much harder.

The girl roared profanity at me, but I had had enough. I stormed away from the apartment, my pounding steps in sync with the thunder. I raced to my car, all the while Johnny and his playmate cursing at me.

The weather made sense now.

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