Random Things My Sister Has Said

Okay, so a lot of times my sister Nicole blurts out random things during silent moments. I know they don't make any sense. Just keep in mind she's 8. *EDIT* 9.
The date in the chapter title isn't the date she said it on necessarily, although it probably is, but it's the date that I wrote it on. I'll add a new one every time something pops up.
Comment please! It is very much appreciated! :D

Chapter 2


"What is your species?" ~ lol :)

"Mum, do you know the truth about turtles?" ~ there's a poem titled "Truth About Turtles."

"Hi Hank. Bye Hank." ~Nicole to me (idk)

She kinda talks in her sleep but I really can't make out what she's saying.. It sounds like the word "daddy" is in it.

She also writes poems... About gummi bears... -.-

"Abada Kadabbra!" ~ Her attempt at the Killing Curse while waving a pen in my face. I said "Expelliarmus!" (which, by the way, she pronounces 'expellarus') and explained to her that Expelliarmus has saved Harry from Voldemort. Many, many times.

"....I'm gonna go read the advice column." ~After getting bored at her parent/teacher conference today

more tomorrow? ... Maybe?

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