Random Things My Sister Has Said

Okay, so a lot of times my sister Nicole blurts out random things during silent moments. I know they don't make any sense. Just keep in mind she's 8. *EDIT* 9.
The date in the chapter title isn't the date she said it on necessarily, although it probably is, but it's the date that I wrote it on. I'll add a new one every time something pops up.
Comment please! It is very much appreciated! :D

Chapter 3

Burritos... Yes, burritos. -_- 29/3/12

(Just a note: there was no burrito physically present. It was all in her head.)

"Hey, look! I got a free burrito!"

"Burrito power!" ~ while holding up an imaginary burrito

"This is the worst burrito I've ever seen! Flop, flop flop!" ~ a song to the tune of Parry Gripp's "This is the Best Burrito I've Ever Eaten"

"Hey! You owe me for that burrito you knocked over!"

"Have you ever thought about eating the food appliances on your head? You know how everybody eats the cucumbers off their eyes? Well I suggest you eat the burrito off your hair." ~ I really have no idea.

"Somebody murdered my burrito!"

"Hey look, I found my burrito on the street! All's well that ends well."

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