Random Things My Sister Has Said

Okay, so a lot of times my sister Nicole blurts out random things during silent moments. I know they don't make any sense. Just keep in mind she's 8. *EDIT* 9.
The date in the chapter title isn't the date she said it on necessarily, although it probably is, but it's the date that I wrote it on. I'll add a new one every time something pops up.
Comment please! It is very much appreciated! :D

Chapter 7

I think it's July 12 O_O

"I like piranhas for breakfast."

"constrict the kitty club!"

"I'm touching your air." (yes, air. Not hair.)

Nicole *looking at floor*: what's that thing?
Mom: honey, it's called a floor.

(looking at floor again) "why are there sparkles down there? Mommy, your dress did it again..." (our mom has a dress from ice skating that's totally covered with sequins.)

Nicole: why is chili called chili instead of hottie?
Mom: why is Nici called Nici instead of Annoying-ie?
Nicole: Why is Mommy called Mommy instead of Frustration-ie?

"kangaroos are more violent than frogs."

"I have a spy hole." *peeks under blanket*

"is this kitty wearing contacts? Kitty contacts, what an adventure..."

"blue velvet? That's a yummy flavour!"

"people who hate cheese puffs should be cheese puffs. They should learn the hard way.... Have to eat themselves!"

"hey, your shadow looks like Taylor Lautner!"

While watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince... "We're watching Horse Poop and the Quarter Blood Princess!"

"Harry's a muggle, right? Part muggle?"

*kisses TV* "I smooched Dumbledore!"

"Pin the donkey with a needle! I am on fire today!"

"Potato. Spud potato chips."

"The horse cheated on me!"

"Andrew wants to shorten LMFAO to FA."

"I am a cat, and I really am fat. But there's no problem with that. Hey, where's my lasagna?" - that was a song.

"The three little wolves and the big bad pig."

Slightly disturbing... (to the tune of "All the Single Ladies" or whatever it's called) "All the naked ladies, all the naked ladies. Now put your feet down!"

"I'm gonna times pie hole by mouth."

(wrapping tape measure around finger) "I have to use up all the tape measure. Do you have any tape? That I can measure?"

"Expired milk comes from expired cows."

"Nunchucks. Nunchucks! NUNCHUCKS!!!" - another song

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