Random Things My Sister Has Said

Okay, so a lot of times my sister Nicole blurts out random things during silent moments. I know they don't make any sense. Just keep in mind she's 8. *EDIT* 9.
The date in the chapter title isn't the date she said it on necessarily, although it probably is, but it's the date that I wrote it on. I'll add a new one every time something pops up.
Comment please! It is very much appreciated! :D

Chapter 8

The 12th again, only these aren't things my sister said, they're just random things that random people in my life said. And I'm gonna see how long a title can be, I'm already writing it anyway. Bye...

At the skating rink: (using fake names cause the real ones are too unusual)
Theresa: I lost my pants.
Andrew: But you're wearing pants...
Theresa: No, my snow pants.
Theresa: I found my pants!

Savannah: You know what's the theme song for Peeta and his leg? "but you didn't have to cut me off..." (Hooray for corny hunger games jokes.)

"They probably think we think they're weirdos." Me referring to Helen and her friend doing weird stretches

Nicole: Gimme the cap and I'll give you the pen.
Me: Last time I did that with a kid named Dennis, he ate the cap...
Nicole: He ate it?!
Me: yeah, he started chewing it...

Nicole: where can I get a pen and paper?
Me: well I have a pencil, but you'll have to go get a flyer cause there's no blank paper.
Nicole: Ugh! Where's the flyers?
Me: Near the wall, if you'd like to fall in wet paint...

"You broke my pencil! YOU WILL PAY!" Me to Nicole

Mom: Another issue is-
Emily: She's got a lot of issues.
Amanda: Yeah, I'm full of issues.
This is a joke. Amanda is my mom's skating student and they were discussing problems in Amanda's skating. Emily is Amanda's sister.

Hannah: my brother's coming home tomorrow-
Nicole: from where?
Me (under my breath): College..
Hannah: The Drug Free College.
Me: The Drug Free College? That's what it's called?
Hannah: He used drugs so they try to stop him.
Me: ....
Nicole: ....
Hannah: ....
Rebecca: .... It isn't funny!

(Mom giving unnecesary biology lesson on how blue eyed people are more closely related to eachother than brown eyed people, and the same for green eyes)
Me: Does that mean that Harry Potter and Glimmer are related?
Mom: Probably.

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