The songs on my iTunes/ Ipod


Chapter 1

Have you ever wondered what songs are on my ipod? here you go!

I like trains- ASDFmovie
Wait for you- Atreyu
Bewitched- B.O.T.D.F
Raised by wolves- Falling in reverse
I'm not a vampire- Falling in reverse
Good girls Bad Guys-Falling in reverse
Pick up the phone- Falling in reverse
The Westerner- Falling in reverse
Boulevard of Broken Dreams- Green Day
Who am I to say- Hope (don't ask)
The Middle- Jimmy Eat World
Cancer- MCR
Planetary (GO!) -MCR
Honey this mirror isn't big enough for the two of us- MCR
Vampires will never hurt you-MCR
Headfirst for Halos- MCR
Early Sunsets over Monroeville- MCR
Demolition Lovers- MCR
All I want for Christmas is You!- MCR
Thank you for the Venom- MCR
Cemetery Drive- MCR
You Know What They Do To Guys In Prison- MCR
I'm not Okay-MCR
Bury me in Black- MCR
Desert Song- MCR
Desolation Row- MCR
Give 'Em Hell Kid- MCR
The Ghost of You- MCR
The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You- MCR
Interlude- MCR
Hang 'em high- MCR
Disenchanted- MCR
Under Pressure-MCR
Memory- Sugarcult
All the Things She Said- T.A.T.U
Over and Over- Three Days Grace
Smokin'_MASTER 3_VOX FIX- Words unspoken
Drop In The Ocean- Ron Pope
Hand of Blood- Bullet For My Valentine
Tears dont Fall- Bullet For My Valentine
Skylines and Turnstiles- MCR
All These Things I hate- Bullet For My Valentine
Never Wanted to Dance- Mindless Seld Indulgence


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