Hehe :D

Chapter 1

Hehehe <3

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Geeeeeena!!!! Happy birthday to yooooou!

I made you a card: https://picasaweb.google.com/106121861830879142593/Geena#5716178557091820098

And a cake: https://picasaweb.google.com/106121861830879142593/Geena#5716182926371508370

Here are the balloons:

I can't believe it! One more year and you can vote with Darren! ;)
Time for the party! To start off I would like to sing a little song to the tune of 'Part of Your World'

Look at this girl
Isn't she neat?
Wouldn't you think her life is complete?
Wouldn't you think she's the girl
The girl who has everything

Her name is Geena
And she is nice
Don't you just want to have a slice?
Looking at her you think
She must have everything

She's got me and Diane and Ivory
She's got Cassie and Hayley and more
You want Darren pictures?
She's got plenty
But who cares
No big deal
She needs more....

She wants to be where Darren is
She wants to see
Wants to see him singing
Strumming along on that- what do you call it again?
Oh- guitar!

She's ready to go oh so far
But Darren's required for hugging... kissing
Having a kid called- what's his name again?

Starring on Glee, there on TV
Wishing in LA that Geena'd be
Wanderin free- someday she'll be
Part of Darren's world


Thank you, thank you. Yes, just for you Geena. I also wrote you a poem.

Geena Hughes,
I have never loved another except for now because I love Josh too
I admire you as much as I admire the late W.H. Auden the poet
You use this smiley a lot XD
How I love our impromptu chats about StarKid, Darren, and problems
I know I can always talk to you when I've got one
We've seen everything eye to eye
All the randomness
And our crazy brothers
Even though we've never actually seen each other
We've shared so many awesome moment, filled with happiness and magic
Just the two of us, Darren-spamming and wreaking havoc
Since we've started talking it's been absolute heaven
I really wish it'd only been sooner, way before 2011
But through the scarves, bowties, and coffee cups
I swear to dead god I'll punch Dave the next time he "Yuuuup"s
I'm so thankful to have someone just as strange as me
And forever we shall be
For all eternity

And now.... presenting..... a story. Here it is Geena.

*Tanya Freemont voice* This is story is dedicated to Geena Hughes and it's about believing in yourself......

Hedgren (a short story by Danielle)

"Danielle!" Geena yells as her best friend skips into her house.
"Geena!" Danielle yells back (because that's what you normally do when someone yells your name). "Happy birthday!" They hug and there are all kinds of love explosions because Danielle and Geena are buddies. But not lesbian love explosions because while Geena is the Kurt to Danielle's Blaine and Danielle is the Sheldon to Geena's Amy they are both straight. Not that there's anything wrong with gay people. Danielle and Geena love them too.
Anyways, love explosions. Lots of them.
After the hug they are so excited that they move right on to cake. It's a beautiful, hedgehog shaped masterpiece that Danielle spent all night making.
"Oh Danielle! I love hedgehogs!" Geena exclaims.
Danielle nods. "Me too. They're adorable."
"Did someone say hedgehogs?!" The kitchen door is thrown open and non other than Darren Criss rushes in, looking around madly for a hedgehog. Geena screams. Darren is, after all, her one true love.
Hearing her scream, Darren turns and his eyes meet Geena's. The song A Thousand Years begins playing from some unknown source as they walk slowly towards each other.
Danielle feels a bit left out so she decides to return to the living room while Darren and Geena finish their slow-motion walk towards each other. Once she's there she finds Brian Holden who proposes to her right on the spot. Of course she says yes.
They go back into the kitchen to see Geena and Darren in a passionate embrace. Deciding not to interrupt, the newly betrothed couple leaves and decides to come back later.
Once they know they're alone Darren smiles and kisses Geena. "You are amazing," he whispers.
Geena smiles but she's too thrilled to speak. Good thing she doesn't have a boyfriend she has to berak up with. Because she totally would.
Darren smiles. "Wait. I have to get you a present! I'll be right back!" And, with a sudden poof he is gone.
Geena begins to cry. She cannot live without his presence. Darren is her life. There is another poof and Darren reappears holding a hedgehog with a little red bow wrapped around its neck. Overjoyed, Geena rushes to him. "He's beautiful!" she whispers, patting the hedgehog.
Darren smiles and holds it close to his chest. "I love snuggling with hedgehogs," he tells her.
Geena's eyes widen. "Me. Too."
"That's it. We're soul mates. Let's go get married," Darren says, grabbing her hand and pulling her off to the church. They had a very nice ceremony and lived a long happy life filled with hedgehogs and armies of small children.
The End

So, in conclusion... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Dana O'Hughes Forever

Love, Danielle


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