Get To Know The Nun-Buddies

This shall be continued if Alynun, Katienun and Breenun are willing.
Basically, this is just a little nun-filled, humorous and full-of-fun writing ... thingy.

Chapter 11

What am I supposed to say? O__O

Help is on the way, Alynun! Super Breenun and SuperER Katienun will help you.

And that's pure nonsense, my fellow nun! You and Katie are equally talented, and I am currently holding on for dear life at the bottom of the writer's chain (Yes, that's right. Just a little bit above Lovestruck level--sinking down, sinking down! MAYDAY!) And since I have currently reached 21 votes on my Loose Ends story (proud moment, I tell you. It doesn't have as many reads as my other story with 21 votes, and that one has a quarter star less--le gasp! But not counting my 'repost' sort of stories, this one has the highest votes, especially in comparison to the reads. Which are 77!), I suggest reading Alynun and Katienun's stories first and rating them. Quibblo loves people rating. Writers love people rating. We all love people rating.

Roles? Oh, dear! What do you readers think about that? Who shall EXTROARDINARY Breenun be? *Flicks her hair* Not that I'm vain, but come on. *Looks super vain and flutters her lashes* I mean...ahem. Okay. I volunteer to be the dog.

Currently, Breenun (moi!) is reading in a frenzy. I've acquired several new books, four of which are Jodi Piccoult novels and one of which is Les Miserables. I just adore reading, and Jodi Piccoult's subjects are always intriguing. If you haven't read any of her books, I truly recommend her. Her books are fast paced, have a good plot and the characters are flawed. Plus, they are about the law and psychology (which aren't as boring as they sound--I find it exhilarating). She doesn't write like a simpleton, either. Even Stephen King calls her brilliant.

I hope I find Les Miserables equally entertaining. Victor Hugo most certainly was a genius, but I generally find that with classics, they're tough to get through. Totally worth it, though. I am afraid my mother only bought volume one--oh, well!

I am currently pushing myself to write more, paint more, draw more and read more. In short, to be more creative. I've been writing like a maniac for Loose Ends and I have several more chapters pre-written, but I'm trying to keep it that way. Don't want to suddenly discover I don't have anything pre-written in case of a writer's block...

Anyhow, comment with your opinion on things and something you'd like us to Blog about or whatever. XD

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