Get To Know The Nun-Buddies

This shall be continued if Alynun, Katienun and Breenun are willing.
Basically, this is just a little nun-filled, humorous and full-of-fun writing ... thingy.

Chapter 2


Hello there! I'm Breenun, very pleasant to meet you! Rather unlike my dear, dear fellow nun, Alyssa, I shan't be listing my fears! I will be listing the things I don't fear!

1. Other races.

2. Plants.

3. Vegetables.

4. Fruit.

5. Dogs.

6. Sharks, whales or dolphins.

7. Heights.

8. Death.

9. Voldemort.

10. Death-Eaters.

11. Lesbians, gays, bisexuals or straight people. (Haha.)

12. The toilet.

13. Water.

14. Tripping.

15. My brother.

16. The vacuum cleaner.

17. The sun.

18. Annoying boys.

19.Becoming filthy.

20. Mud.

21. Being unable to shower for a week.

22. Blood.

23. Getting hurt.

24. Books.

25. Smearing paint all over myself.

26. Dresses. I'm not afraid of dresses. Or skirts. Though I do prefer pants.

27. Rolling down a hill.

28. Trying new things.

29. Bullies.

30. Storms.

That's my list! xD Pretty much, I think. Katienun is up next!

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