100 Things To Do When You're Awake At Midnight

~For Anthony~


Sorry it's a bit late...

Chapter 1

One to Onehundred

1. Raid the fridge
2. Google yourself!
3. Google pumpkins!
4. Read a book!
5. Fake laugh until you actually start laughing.
6. Make up the coolest word you can possibly think of, and then say it all the time.
7. Think of a friend or just anyone that you don’t really talk to, and have an imaginary conversation with them
8. Memorize a poem and then recite it at random times
9. Write a letter to your future self, and maybe even put it in a shoebox with a couple of notes or some memory-stirring possessions like a time-capsule
10. Try NOT to think about purple gorillas
11. Talk to your imaginary friend.
12. Take online quizzes!! (duh! :P)
13. Make a cartoon strip or a flip-book
14. Write inspirational, encouraging or funny notes to leave between the pages of library books
15. Imagine that you are an ant. What do you do?
16. Teach yourself some card/magic tricks
17. Write a “Never to Be Sent” letter, to anyone. And then, burn it. Or put it in YOUR letter to your future self and see if you still agree with what you wrote to that person a year from now.
18. Plan out a couple of short messages about yourself and the next day put them into helium balloons, and release them. Include your email address so people can let you know if they were found.
19. Compose a song!
20. Climb that tree outside your house!
21. Grab your blankets, doonas, pillows and hot chocolate and climb out your window (or y’know just walk out the door) and sit in your yard counting shooting stars.
22. If you have a really good friend, text them! Sure- it’ll wake them up but say something in the message like, “I just suddenly remembered that I haven’t told you how amazing you are for a long time.” Or similar so they won’t be too angry and then have a deep, meaningful, conversation with them until the sun comes up! (or just for a few minutes)
23. Google “Do not push the red button”. It’s very entertaining.
24. Build the biggest House of Cards that you possibly can! And if it falls down, start again.
25. Create a list of questions that you would like to ask God. And make a story of them!
26. And if you are really into making lists here’s another one, list everything – I mean EVERYTHING- that you are thankful for. Everything. See how long you can make it.
27. Memorise 5 famous (preferably strange) quotes and randomly burst out with them at extremely inappropriate times.
28. Calmly have a nervous breakdown OUT LOUD.
29. Balance a pencil on your nose
30. Interview your feet about what they did today, or retell your day from their point of view. Or any other of your body parts.
31. Look up song parodies on YouTube
32. Write a parody of your own
33. Trivial Pursuit online!
34. Invent a weird facial twitch.
35. Bored.com
36. Imagine what you’d be like if you were the opposite gender
37. Make a chatterbox! (if you don’t know here’s how: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciemqk6oZTk )
38. Make yourself a cup of tea!
39. Message EVERYONE on your friends list!
40. Invent your Alter Ego! (an alternate you)
41. Memorise the lyrics to a very romantic song/poem and then recite it to your pet (or toaster) very seriously. And video it if you want.
42. Try to invent a new colour!
44. Read the bible! (You never know...)
45. Prank Call
46. Name the stars!
47. Design a t-shirt
48. Design a bookmark!
49. Download “Windows Movie Maker” (if you have a windows computer) and make a music video to any random song on your computer! (how to use it: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-AU/windows-vista/Getting-started-with-Windows-Movie-Maker or just type “how to use windows movie maker” into Youtube or Google)
50. Make yourself cry
51. Make yourself laugh
52. Get under your blankets with a torch and tell yourself scary stories and get your imagination worked up on all those exceptionally creepy sounds outside your room. Keep going until you are REALLY freaked out. If you can’t do it, google “Scary stories for sleepovers” and read them til your scared stiff.
53. Attempt to get yourself un-scared.
54. Snooze.
55. Let your mind wander, daydream!
56. Try and remember one of the songs you loved as a kid, SING IT!!
57. Recite the alphabet backwards until you can do it in under five seconds.
58. Tell yourself lame jokes.
59. Make up even lamer jokes.
60. Dance! Because you can!
61. Do push ups! Go on! Get down on the floor and give me 20! Or... 15! Or... maybe just 2....
62. Smile. Just do it.
63. Give yourself a pat on the back.
64. Make paper aeroplanes. And see how far they fly!
65. Decorate your belly button with textas
66. Play solitaire or patience
67. Stalk people on Facebook
68. Eat a biscuit... with peanut butter on it.
69. Never say never!
70. Make a sock puppet and talk to him/her.
71. Go through your clothes and label them, “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...”
72. Watch a movie! (on your laptop if you have to)
73. Dig out some needles and teach yourself to knit!
74. Make some friends ship bands/braclets
75. Do a drawing with COLOURS
76. Invent a new name for yourself
77. Do you hair REALLY weird and take photo.
78. Meditate on the meaning of life
79. Disassemble a pen
80. Come up with at least ten awesome pranks to pull on your friends/neighbours/random strangers
81. Watch the sky for UFOs
82. Make something RADICAL out of a piece of cardboard of a shoebox
83. Wonder who the hell Chuck Norris is.
84. Teach yourself the Recorder or guitar or some musical instrument you have laying around the house (hopefully not drums though, at least, not at midnight).
85. Create a petition for a good cause (or a not so good one)
86. Play weird online games (miniclip.com, freeonlinegames.com, addictinggames.com, bigfishgames.com)
87. Eat a tub of icecream
88. Do a cartwheel
89. Cook an egg
90. Play the world’s oldest video game
91. Play the world’s hardest game!
92. Make a collage!
93. Cut pics out of magazines
94. Learn origami
95. Teach yourself to JUGGLE
96. Jigsaw puzzle!
97. Make a CD
98. Look at OLD photos
99. Write.
100. Sleep!

This is a list i made of stuff that i do, and stuff that i might one day. hope you liked it!!


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