rocklee's super adventure of power and youth

rocklee's super adventure of power and youth

hi my name is rocklee and this is my story of how i became a ninja and found the love of my life <3 ^.^

Chapter 1

my ninja life(rock lee's perspective)

I was walking down to the leaf village."hey" someone said. i turnd around it was a girl with short dark brown hair,blueish green eyes and she was wearing a blue t-shirt and jeans."h-hi" i said love struck." did you drop this?" she asked holding my journal with all my dreams to become a ninja. "yeah thanks" i said scratching my neck. " I'm Lara" she said handing me my note book. " i'm rock lee" i said as i acedently dropped it and it opend to the first read "dear journal this is the first day of training to become a ninja. im going to work the best with power and youth!" i laughed "it's my first day of traning to" lara said "realy" smiles "i'm excited and cant wait" lara said "want to w-walk with me to the leaf village" i asked " sure" she smiles "so what made you want to become a ninja?" I asked "when I was a little girl I've been watching t.v shows with ninjas in it and I've always been wanting to be a ninja ever scince" she expland to me "how come you want to become a ninja?" she asked "well when I was a kid I always thought it would be cool to battle people in a ninja way!" I expland to her "cool" she said. finally we arived to the traning area we opend the door we saw 3 other people there one was our tranner. "good after noon" the girl with a bun on each side of her head "im ten ten" she said "im rock lee and this is lara!" i said hopeing to make a new friend well the guy with long hair came towards us.''hi im neji" he said "hi nice to meet you this is..." "i know who you guys are i heard you talking to tenten" he said "okay" i said " and this is our trainer guy-sensi" "hello class lets get started" guy-sensi said ring ring ring the phone rang an hour later guy-sensi came out "okay tomorow we'll start"

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