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So, this is a story by me and my friend Regular_dude. Enjoy, plus comment and rate!

Chapter 1

The baby trip

Elizabeth’s Pov:

“Hey, Andy?” I yell. I’m in the kitchen and my husband, Andrew is in the lounge room.
“Yeah, Lizzie?” he calls back.
“Um, when are you going to do the grocery’s?” I ask him. Then he comes out. I look up at him.
“It was your turn” he tells me. He comes up next to me and he wraps his arms around me.
“No, it wasn’t, I did it 4 days ago” I tell him.
“I did it 2 days ago” he tells me being a smartas.s.
“Right” I say, shaking my head. I hand him the list. “Well, you can do it again.”
“Why?” he asks me.
“Because you love me” I say. He shakes his head. He leans down and he kisses me, when he stops, I tell him that he can still do it. “You can still go get the groceries.”
“Why?” he asks again. I laugh at him.
“Because you love me and I did it last” I tell him. He takes the list from me and he kisses me again and he leaves. I smile and finish putting the dishes that I’d still left since last night, I finished putting them away. There was something I still hadn’t told Andrew. I was pregnant. I was 4 and a half months along but I hadn’t told him yet because I didn’t know how he would react. If he would be happy or not. Then I run up the stairs and into the bedroom. I change into my light blue top and skirt. I put on heels, make-up and jewellery then I leave the house. I’m meeting my older sister Maria. When I finally get there, I hop out of the car and walk into the café and over to Maria. Even Maria doesn’t know I’m pregnant yet. “Hello.”
“Hey, Eliza. I was beginning to wonder where you’d gotten too” she tells me. I sit down opposite her and shake my head.
“How’s Mike?” I ask. Mike is her husband.
“Mike is great. Same old Mike. How’s Andrew?” she asks.
“He’s great. Can I tell you something?” I ask her.
“Anything” she replies.
“Promise not to tell Andrew until I tell him?” I ask, wanting to make sure she won’t tell him anything.
“I promise, Lizzie. You can trust me” she tells me. I do know I can trust her.
“I’m pregnant” I tell her. I look at her expression. First it’s pure shock, then all happiness.
“Congratulations” she squeals.
“Sh, keep it down love” I tell her. Her smile is still in place.
“Are you having a baby girl or boy?” she asks. I know exactly what it is, but do I want to tell her? Or do I want it to be a surprise? I think, I can trust her enough not to tell anyone else.
“I’m having a girl” I tell her.
“We now have to go baby shopping” she tells me.
“As long as we’re home by 5:30 because Andrew is due back at 6:00, after his grocery shopping because at 5:00 he has a meeting at work and I’ll need to hide the presents” I explain.
“Okay, that’s alright. But, as long as we do get to go baby shopping I’ll be so happy” she tells me. Then the waitress comes by and takes our order, as soon as she’s gone Maria turns back to me. “Any ideas for baby names?” she asks.
“Hm, Grace, Isabella, Rosemarie or Katrina” I tell her.
“Oh, I like Grace and Isabella” she tells me.
“That’s great” I tell her smiling.
“Wait, you still haven’t told Andrew? How far along are you?” she asks.
“No, I still haven’t told him and I am 4 and a half months along” I answer.
“When are you going to tell him?” she asks.
“I’ll tell him soon, just not yet” I tell her. She just nods her head then goes back into happy over excited mode.

After lunch.
We’d just finished lunch and we are walking down the street.
“Let’s go to Baby Carriage, Baby wonderland, Baby love clouds and Little baby toes” she tells me. They are all baby shops.
“Okay, let’s go to Baby wonderland first” I tell her. She nods her head.
“Okay, let’s go shopping” she tells me. She grabs my hand and we are off to shop.

After shopping

I’d spent quite a lot. So had Maria being a proud Aunt and all. It was almost 5:30, so I was making my way home. When I got there, Andrew still wasn’t home. But off-course I couldn’t be bothered parking my car in the garage because it’s too much of a hassle. I get out of the car and take everything inside. After I’ve finished, I hear the door close. I look back at the door and Andrew is coming over to me. Oh crap, my covers already been blown. He’s looking at me suspiciously.
“What is all that?” he asks me.
“Baby things” I say smiling. “Your home early.”
“Yeah, because the meeting finished up early. Who’s having the baby?” he asks me. His big dark eyes boring into mine.
“My baby” I tell him.
“But we don’t have a baby yet” he tells me.
“Not yet, but, we are going to have one soon” I tell him. He’s just looking totally confused right now.
“What do you mean we are going to have one soon?” he asks me.
“I’m pregnant.”

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