We Met, They Made Me Laugh...And What Then?(Weasley Twin Love Story)

We Met, They Made Me Laugh...And What Then?(Weasley Twin Love Story)

so i have made a fred weasley one and a george weasley love story but never both so lets try this out :) and i already know who she is she going to end up with

Chapter 1

Character Information

Name: Misty Murdock

Nickname only the twins use: M&M

Looks: This girl reminds you of a brilliant inventor. She has droopy purple eyes that are like two amethysts. Her fine, wavy, scarlet hair is shoulder-length, She is very short and has a thin build. Her skin is china-white. She has an elegant nose. Her wardrobe is mainly of blue and purple.

Personality positives: smart, funny, motivated, loyal, nice, athletic, creative.

Negatives: shy, clumsy, follower, close-minded, modest

Wand: 12 inch Rowan Unicorn Hair

House: ravenclaw

Blood: half

Motto: Live. Love. Learn.

Friends: Cho, Weasley twins, Cedric, Hermione, Neville

Enemies: Pansy, Draco, Marcus

Birthday: February 15

Abilities: academics, quidditch

Dislikes: bullies, flirts, people who think they are better than anyone else, slackers.

Likes: school, her friends, harmless pranks

Quidditch: keeper

Other: she is an ordinary witch who’s mum was a muggle and dad was a witch. Her dad was the descendant of Rowena Ravenclaw. She ends up being in ravenclaw because of that but proves herself as a worthy ravenclaw. She is talented in many things but doesn’t see it herself. The Weasley twins try to boost her self esteem and both are in love with her madly.

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