We Met, They Made Me Laugh...And What Then?(Weasley Twin Love Story)

We Met, They Made Me Laugh...And What Then?(Weasley Twin Love Story)

so i have made a fred weasley one and a george weasley love story but never both so lets try this out :) and i already know who she is she going to end up with

Chapter 27

The End

A year has passed.. and misty still isn't up yet. on her birthday i found myself doing her favorite thing with out her. each day i see her so weak.. i just get more depressing. if she ever wakes up i know i am going to ask her to marry me. i love her and can't ever lose her again. A year has passed.. the doctors have been talking about just pulling the plug and have fate decide. but somewhere deep inside me knows that misty will wake up. one day in particular i remember.. i was sitting by misty's side in a chair when she stirred. i grabbed her hand and her eyes shot straight open. she looked at me and smiled. she looked exactly the same.

george: misty

misty: george...

george: you were asleep for a year

misty: wow.. must have been tired

i laughed: misty i have missed you

misty: you have?

fred: so have i

misty and i looked to see my brother standing there.

fred: why misty?

misty: simple you are my friend

george: misty will you marry me?

misty: yes george

i smiled and kissed her


Misty's pov

6 months had passed i was finally fully healthy and today was the wedding day. i was dressed in a beautiful white gown. i walked down the aisle with Fred and george smiled at me. we got married that day and from that day one lived happily ever with 4 children

The end

i smiled and closed the story book. I looked at my childeren and smiled. george placed his hand on my shoulder and i looked at him. our son fred looked at us

fred: so thats what happened in your lives?

yes dear

roxanne: mommy thats amazing! does that mean aunt bella is the bella in the story?

george: yes

hallie: did lee and melissa end up together?

george&i: they did

luke: so is our brother and sister watching us?

they are

fred: how did you get all of the point of views?

i asked them simply

all of the childeren: we love you mommy and daddy.

we love you to guys and good night.

george and i walked out of our kids' room and looked at each other and put our heads together. the shape that we made was a heart.

The End!

the story is done! i know weird ending i wanted to try it out so i hope it wasn't to bad

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