Hell Academy.

Dreadful Apollyon,
Welcome to Hell Academy. Here you will learn the arts of the demons. Beelzebub, The Lord of Flies and second to only Satan himself has founded this academy to further your possibilities of becoming Kings and Queens of the underworld. While here you will live to the highest standard set for a Hell school. You will learn from the best and you will succeed. So please enter the gates and let Hell know you are here.

Chapter 1

Introductions and Expectations.

"Hell school?" I asked my friend as we walked along the sidewalk next to cars whizzing back and forth. "Yeah," he informed me, "Lord Beelzebub started it. My dad thinks Lord Beelzebub started it to overtake Hell." "Overtake Hell?" I asked surprised in general, "I thought Beelzebub was a faithful son?" "Yeah so does everyone else," my friend explains, "which makes it easier for him to sneak in and take it." "Kobal!" a female voice shouted from behind us, "you should know better than to say such things." Standing behind us was the one and only Rimmon, but never call her by her whole name, she would kill someone. "Hey Ri," I waved as I stopped walking and waited for her to catch up. As soon as she did she slapped the back of my head with a stern look on her face. "And you!" she started in on me, "letting him say such things! What is wrong with you, Apollyon?" "Well I didn't think there was any harm in it," I admitted rubbing the back of my head as we started to walk again. "There is harm in it!" Ri shouted at both Ko and I, "if some higher up heard you two, you wouldn't be standing here right now!" "Well if some higher up heard you were ashamed of your name then you would have a huge problem too," Kobal set in on her, "in fact why is it so much trouble to just call you Rimmo-" "Don't you dare!" Ri shouted hitting him on the top of his head, "you call me that and I make it so you can't walk for a week!"

The rest of the walk to school was a loud and painful one. Ri should've been born a boy. That is why I believe her parents had given her a name from the ranks of Hell. One that was meant for a man. Ri may have been violent and loud, but she was a beautiful girl. Long black straight hair and dark brown eyes, she stood a little shorter then me and had the body of a Goddess. Well in our terms a demon tempter. She could seduce any human if she wanted, but she was 'saving' herself for marriage. "What are you staring at?" Ri shouted at me as I snapped back to reality. "Uh," I stammered to think of an excuse as she made her way over to me. "You were looking at me like I was some sort of prey!" She shouted at me, "I hope you aren't having any bad thoughts Yon-Yon!" "Don't call me that!" I shouted at her, "unlike you I like my name." "Well aren't you high and mighty," she laughed shaking her hands in the air, "even Ko let's me call him by a shorter name." "Actually," Ko whispered, "I like my name too."

"History is an important part of our lives," The teacher at the front of the room announced as she paced back and forth. "More like the dead's lives," Ko smirked. "Kobal!" the teacher yelled slamming her ruler on his desk making a loud cracking noise, "do you have something you would like to share with the class?" "No ma'am," Kobal said with fear in his eyes, "I was just sneezing." "Well keep your body functions under control in my class room," she said turning around and pacing to the other end of the room. "For a human that old lady scares the Hell out of me," Ko said leaning over to talk to me. It was ironic that Ko was so scared of this woman. She was a mere human and yet she seemed to scare most of the students. She was an older lady, about 60ish and wore her hair in a bun. Librarian glasses and beads adorned her otherwise plain appearance.

"Damn that history teacher," Ko shook as we walked to our lunch break hang out, "how can a human like her scare a demon like me?" "She scares almost everyone here," I laughed, "so don't feel bad." "As far as we know Ri, you and me are the only demons here at this school," Ko stated, "and yet she seems more like a demon then us." "That's because you're so low class," Ri's voice came from behind us, "a low class demon like you can be scared by a mere human." "What do you want?" Ko asked her half whining about it, "why do you have to follow us around?" "Because us demons should stick together!" Ri shouted at him with annoyance, "besides we don't know which of us will be called to the Hell Academy! This could be the last day we go to school together!"

Instead of listening to the argument between my two childhood friends, I watched the other students walk around campus. The jock, a football player named Sam. The popular girls in order of importance, Lily, Meri and Ny. Each and everyone of these people were unaware of the demons that roamed among them. Even the geekiest kid in school, Bach was unaware of these things. Not only was our existence a secret, it was one secret had been spilled many times. Most people did not believe in us even though we could be their neighbors or best friends. Then those that did either wanted to become one of us or tried to kill us. Demons were pests to people in the past, but now its all about Hell. More and more people are being sent to Hell these days and they need more demons to 'care' for these humans souls.

"Plus what if an exorcist were to attack either of us?" Ri asked Ko with a matter of fact tone, "we would be helpless unless all three of us were together." "Exorcist?" Ko laughed, "please! They couldn't do anything to us as long as no one knows what we are." "But if you two keep shouting about it I'm sure one will make his way here soon enough," I interrupted their argument. "Such a buzz kill," Ko scoffed with annoyance, "are you taking her side?" "No I'm simply stating a fact," I answered him while waving away his question, "you both should know better then to say things like that out loud. It could put our whole families in danger." "Yeah and Astaroth wouldn't be to happy with his own son Ko," Ri snickered at the look of fear that struck Ko's face, "can you imagine the rumors in Hell? Kobal, the son of the great Astaroth is exorcised easily by a part time priest." Ri burst into laughter as Ko glared at her. "Don't even start Ri," I scolded her, "your parents wouldn't be that happy either. Adramelech and Shabriri don't like the fact that their daughter is loud and acts like a man." "Shove it Yon-Yon," Ri spat at me while pushing me away from her, "just cause your dad is no where to be seen and your mother, Cresil, is a harlot." "Don't talk about my mother that way," I warned Ri with a tight grip on her upper arm, "I will kill you if you say something like that again." "Oh yeah?" Ri snarled flashing her teeth in an attempt to instigate a fight, "bring it on half breed." "Don't tempt me!" I growled at her tightening my grip and bearing my own fangs.

"Stop it someone is coming," Ko warned us while pushing us apart, "I swear according to our laws and customs, you two are perfect for each other." "Shut it Ko!," we both yelled at the same time. "Exactly," He muttered under his breath. "You said someone was coming," I stated to him looking around and seeing no one but us on the rooftop, "I don't see anyone around." "Oh well Someone was coming," Ko grinned, "but I think they took off when they heard you two fighting." "Great," Ri sighed out loud while walking to the stairwell, "now people are going to think it was a lovers fight or something."

The walk back to classes was a quick and quiet one. Ri had overstepped her welcome when she mentioned my mother in her comeback. I really didn't know who my father was, but I was not letting someone talk about my mother like she was a horrible person. My mother was a beautiful woman, who had her run with a few more demons and humans then the other woman from Hell. She was supposed to tempt holy men, but she liked her own kind too. It wasn't known to me whether or not I was a half breed, but many people speculate.

"Is that the kid?" A shadowy figure spoke out to someone unseen, "seems like he has potential." "Potential runs in his blood," another voice spoke out as the both of them watched the demon trio walk to their afternoon classes, "he will do." "Are you sure my Lord?" the first voice asked while picking at his teeth, "he does look like a half breed." "Half breed or not it doesn't matter to you," the other voice spoke, "he will be the one to make my plans come to reality. Challenge him, test his strength. And next time don't let your presence so easily detectable. Even a lower class demon like that kid knew someone was around." "Yes Lord Beelzebub," the first voice answered as he disappeared, "it would be my honor."

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