Hell Academy.

Dreadful Apollyon,
Welcome to Hell Academy. Here you will learn the arts of the demons. Beelzebub, The Lord of Flies and second to only Satan himself has founded this academy to further your possibilities of becoming Kings and Queens of the underworld. While here you will live to the highest standard set for a Hell school. You will learn from the best and you will succeed. So please enter the gates and let Hell know you are here.

Chapter 13


After being dragged down to a basement and strung up again, I passed out. I didn't realize I had done so until I woke up in a nice comfy bed. The same one as before when we played demon ball. To my surprise there was no nurse around to come check on my wounds. Instead, Eurynomus was sitting next to me rubbing some kind of medicine on my back.

"It's not creepy I'm here," Eurynomus laughed, "I do know more about the human body than anyone around." "I forgot you could read my thoughts," I sighed as he applied more medicine. "Like I said before," he laughed, "I can't read your thoughts." "It close enough to the same thing," I said to him as he finally finished with the medicine, "I mean you get it right every time." "Not every time," He sighed as he took out a chart and made a few marks, "though I do have to ask you a question." "I have a feeling this might be considered quality time," I smirked trying to mask the pain I was feeling. "It might," he grinned, "but I even got all cleaned up for this time."

I suddenly realized that he was right, there was no foul smell coming from him and this was the first time I had actually seen him wearing normal clothes. "How long have I been in here this time?" I asked him trying to turn the tables. "Three weeks," He answered making another mark on his chart, "this is the first time you have been this awake though. Most of the time you wake up use the restroom and then fall back asleep. I guess the body is using most of your energy to heal." Sighing deeply I looked up to see him still staring at me. "Ready to stop avoiding the questions I have?" He asked me without skipping a beat. "Yeah I guess," I grunted as another sharp pain spread through my back.

"First off," he started, "why didn't you transform? After all that pain it must have crossed your mind." "It did," I admitted, "but I knew if I tried anything like that someone would get hurt and I told Beelzebub I would take the beating." "Why?" Eurynomus asked. I had a feeling this question wasn't on the chart and by the look on his face he was genuinely asking me. "You see we demons would never take a punishment for someone," he said as he placed the chart on the table next to him, "why would you do something for someone you barely know and cause yourself more pain." "Because it wasn't fair," I answered, "and there is no way Ny could have handled that." "I hope you know Beelzebub knew you would stand up for her," Eurynomus said pulling his chart back to himself, "he knew it and wanted to test you." "So why didn't he just come out and say it?" I asked him slightly surprised by this new development. "It's kinda what you guys would call a pop quiz," he laughed as he made a few more markings. I smiled and nodded understanding what he meant.

A door suddenly slamming caught both of us off guard as Eurynomus looked up to see who was here. "What are you doing here?" Eurynomus asked whoever was standing behind me out of my view. "I just came to check on him," a deep mans voice answered somewhat angrily, "I should ask you the same thing." "He's asleep," Eurynomus lied as he looked down at me, "his injuries are severe." "Oh," the man sighed, "don't tell him I came here." "Why?" Eurynomus asked him without looking away from me. "You know why," the man grunted, "its the last thing he wants is for me to be here." "I should leave you guys alone then," Eurynomus smiled as he stood up and started for the door, "I will be waiting outside if you need anything."

I closed my eyes as the shadow of the man came around to sit where Eurynomus was previously sitting. I wanted to know who this man was and his voice was familiar, but I knew making a liar out of Eurynomus was not a good idea. "I can't believe I let this happen," the man sighed as he ran his hand over my face, "I mean everything. I wished I was there for you all this time." Removing his hand the man somewhat laughed. "I know you can hear me," he chuckled, "but I don't think you'll remember any of this when you wake up. So I'm going to tell you what you want to hear." Taking a deep breath the man fidgeted in his seat and the exhaled loudly. "Apollyon," he sighed, "I'm your father."

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