I think, I love you. PART ONE! (smosh fanfic/lovestory)

I think, I love you. PART ONE! (smosh fanfic/lovestory)

During an episode planning, Olivia finds herself having to choose a side and after an accident she ends up having to choose a guy. Ian happend to save her life but, she already gave he heart to anthony. Who to choose?

Chapter 1

I think I like Ian

by: tehya400
"That's a stupid idea, Anthony." Ian said in a teasingly angered voice. "Well, Ian mabey the audience likes seeing me half naked. I am right Olivia?" Anthony said looking at me. I was going to agree because he is my boyfriend but, I have always liked Ian's ideas. "She is going to say yes! Youre dating remember?!" Ian yelled to Anthony. Anthony rolled his eyes. They ended up looking at me "She is not going to choose my idea because were dating." He replied to Ian. Once again commenting he said "The way you check her out it seems you forget that." Ian's face began to get red "Why would I look at your girlfriend that way?!" Ian said in a nervous voice. "I have seen you looking at her butt multiple times." Anthony said in a calm teasing voice. I began to blush. Ian was cute if I had not met Anthony I think I would have dated him. "You know what I going outside!" Ian said as he stormed out. "Dont forget you jacket, sweety." Anthony said imitating a woman's voice. He walked over a kissed me. I kinda pushed him off "Are you gonna go after Ian?" I asked Anthony. "Nope, his ADHD is just kicking in." He replied. As he tried to sneak in another kiss, I got out of my chair and walked out the door. I searched for Ian and saw him walking down the street. He had webnt past a intersection when I decided to catch up with him. I grabbed his arm "Comeback in it's windy." I said looking into his eyes. I never realized how pretty they where. He softly swept my hair out of my eyes and kissed me on the lips. I was so appauled I was walking back to the house. I saw a big flash and someone's arms clutching me. Was I dead?

I woke up to the sound of beeping and the soft sound of Anthony's voice. "Morning sunshine!" Anthony said with a smile. I felt a sharp pain in my ankle. In a panic I yelled "Where are we and why does my ankle hurt?!" Anthony replied to my sudden questions "Youre in the hospital because, you got hit by a car. You broke your ankle." The last thing I remembered was Ian's kiss. "Where is Ian?!" I yelled to my boyfriend. "He is next door, he broke his arm because he saved you." Anthony said unamused. I was thinking about Ian once more. To my suprised he walked in with his usual smile. He walked up to my bed. Anthony began to look suspicious at us. "You owe me a huge favor for saving your life and all." Ian said smiling. He punched Anthony on the shoulder and started for the door " I'll be back." Ian said doing his Terminator impression and walked out the door. "I think he did all that to get you to like him." Anthony said. "He claimed you were unconsious so he gave you a piggyback ride home and when he arrived he asked me to drive you two to the hospital." Anthony said continueing. I could tell Anthony was serious, I wondered if Ian had to his best friend he kissed his girl. He brought his face close to mine "I am glad your ok." He said in a wisper. He sweept the hair out of my face as Ian did and came in for a kiss. Suddenly, I imagined him being Ian. I don't know why I was leaning in to meet his lips. I stopped myself and Anthony wasn't Ian anymore "Can you get me some water?" I said as an excuse. "Ok, I'll be back in a sec." Anthony said smiling. As he was walking out Ian walked in. "Don't pull any stunts." Anthony said to Ian as if he was his father. "Thats not a promise." Ian said teasingly as Anthony closed the door. Ian stood in front of the wooden door smiling "Did you miss me." He said jokingly. "Why did you kiss me?" I asked Ian in a serious voice. "Don't act like you didnt like it. In plus I saved your life can I get a thank you." Ian replied. I was looking at his blue cast. He must have saw me "Do you wan't to see it?" Ian asked. "Sure, I guess." I replied to him. He walked to the edge of my bed and extended his arms so i could feel it. "It feel akward but, I'll get used to it." He said with a smirk on his face. His smile was cute and his eyes began to sparkle. I softly grabbed his chin and brought his lips against mine. I began to kiss my boyfriend's best friend. I suddely heard the door open and my lips were still attached to Ian's "What the fu€k!" Anthony said and dropped the bottle of water. "Anthony!" I yelled nervously. His fist had balled up and he walked out the room with a very angry face. " He is so pi$$ed." Ian said moving his face away from mine. I grabbed the crutches from the side of my bed "Your hurt, lie down I'll talk to Anthony." Ian said to me. "You know how you guys are, Anthony would end up trying to fight you." I told Ian as I stood up on my uninjured foot. I crutched through the building until I was outside Anthony was leaning on his car. I crutched over and stood beside him. "Out of all the guys in this city you choose to makeout with my best friend." Anthony said he looked as if he were going to cry. "Anthony I'm so sorry." I said trying to cheer him up "I love you." I said. I was not exactly sure if I did though.



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