DIFFRENET FROM ME (original story)

DIFFRENET FROM ME (original story)

esmeralda aways hate james. james aways was in love with esmeralda. does he tell her his true feelings? does she grow to like him? how will they surive high school with all the drama?

Chapter 1

game day

Finally it’s the weekend. Totally going to watch anime all day tomorrow. Today though I’m going to my brother’s basketball game. Eddie better win. Edward is my twin. “Esmer, hurry up” shouted mom. Esmeralda is my name. I looked in the mirror. I was wearing my bleach t-shirt without sleeves. It had Ichigo in his half hollow form. On top of that was a vest with a crest of L from death note. Also with some jeans with holes. A chain hanging from the jeans had a pocket watch with a vampire knight symbol. From my neck was locket from sailor moon (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=45380655) “Coming” I yelled back. I ran down the stairs. “Come on lets go” I said walking out the door. “Yo Esmer wait up” called Eddie. “What?” I replied. He grinned “you forget I'm the one that’s playing.” That’s when James came from across the street. “Dude you ready for the game?” he asked. If you compare James to my brother, Eddie would win. My brother he had blonde hair, was tall and muscular, with soft brown eyes. While Jem was shorter but not too short. Not as muscular either yet still strong and had green eyes with black hair. “You know it,” replied my brother. Jem was wearing a t-shirt with a harry potter lightning bolt on it. Some pair of jeans which I could see the patch with the Slytherin crest sewn on it from under his shirt. He had a necklace with a snake on it. On this head he had a beanie with the Hogwarts crest on it (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=45381935). “Look the book worm isn’t holding a book. Do you think he’ll die?” I said to my brother. “Oh I didn’t notice that you were real. I thought you were a cartoon” Jem replied “whatever” I said carelessly. “I win this one Esmeralda” he shouted as I walked away. I don’t know how Eddie came be friends with a jerk like James. Much less best friends.
During the game my brother shoots 5 times. The score was 20 to 22. We were losing. Rosalind academy hasn’t lost a game all season. I hoped we won. Stephanie my bff was sitting next to me on the other side of me was jerk face making fun of my awesome hair. Which is black with purple highlights and green tips. “James leave me alone I want to watch the game!” I yelled “no!!!” replied James. “shut up the both of you” yelled Steph. “Fine” James and I said at the same time with a sigh. “Go read a book somewhere else” I shouted as half time started and James took out a book. “Shh eragon is fighting” he replied “watch the movie it’s easier” I whispered. Every time I say that he gets mad. Though he didn’t hear me. “I read that book Brom dies” said Steph. “You can read?” I asked. “Aw you killed it” complained James. Steph ignored us both. Soon I and James started to argue. “Time to pick the couple of the game” the announcer shouted from the speakers, “looks like their having a fight” I looked up from yelling at James because I wanted to see the fighting couple. When I saw the screen I saw me and James staring up from looking at the screen. I grabbed my bag and ran down the bleachers and went outside. No one followed me. Not even Stephanie. At the very least James would stop bugging me for a while. I walked home. I wanted to cry but I knew that it won’t help me. I'm going to get killed on Monday at school. When I got home I took a shower. After that I went to sleep.
I woke up with me phone ringing. I looked at the caller id. It was a # I didn’t know. I answered it. “Hello” “it’s me Jem” “how the he11 did you get my #!” “Eddie gave it to me. Anyway I wanted to say sorry. I feel like it was my entire fault.” “I don’t care if you say sorry. I'm not forgiving you and yes it is your entire fault!” I hanged up and threw the phone on the bed. Then I got dressed. A white Pokémon shirt with a white mini skirt and black leggings. Also a pink hoddie with a death note zipper chain and black gothic boot. I had a mew hat on my head. Some sand village fingerless gloves (naruto). I grabbed my laptop that has a death note cover on it in my bag with death note picture on it. I walk out the door with my bag and start to head out to the anime freak meeting at the academy.
In front of the school the first person I see is James. He looked good. His hair was a messy and he was wearing a Gryffindor uniform t-shirt with some jeans. Also a grey beanie and the crazy Luna glasses pushed on the top of his head (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=45388717). Wait what I was thinking that jerk never looked good. Blah I'm going crazy. I keep walking like I didn’t see him. He walked up to me. I keep walking. “Wait up Esmer!” he shouted. “What do you want James!” I turned to face him. “I want to say sorry” he stared at me with a strange look. Then he grinned “plus I saw you checking me out” “ew why would anyone want to check you out you pig,” I shouted. I walked away. “Wait no it was a joke” he yelled after me. Then everyone knowing me would know that I flipped him off.
I went to the old computer lab where the anime freak meeting was held. “What up nerds” I yelled. “Yo what you yelling for dude” called out Stephanie. “Cause I want to” I replied. “Okay everyone the meeting is starting.” Shouted the president of the club. His name was Takeshi. Which is Japanese as ironic as it is. His name means fierce warrior. I knowing anime and stuff know the meaning of his name. (Not a stalker) though he is really cute. But not my type. “Omg did you go to the game, did u see what happened to Esmer and Jem. It was so funny. The way Esmer left crying.” I heard it behind me. People are talking about it already and school hasn’t even started yet. I knew the voice. It was Maya. She spreads lies all over the school. My life is ruined! I get my bag and leave the meeting before something else happens. When I walk out the door I was already crying. Then I bumped into someone. “Sorry” I whispered. “What happened Esmer?” it was James. Of course it had to be James. Also he had a book. Why always the books. “What are you doing here James?” “Um answer my question first” he said quickly. “You were waiting for me? Weren’t you, god you never give up do you James” I said with a sad smile. “Nah I wouldn’t do that, I think. Um so like maybe I did but that’s not the point why are you crying.” He stared at me with the same look from before. “I overheard Maya talking to someone about the basketball game” I whispered. “Oh that’s sad” he replied I laughed and punched his arm playfully. “Ow that hurt” he laughed. Then he hugged me and whispered “don’t listen to them it’s not your fault that happened.” He let go of me and walked away. I couldn’t react. That prev he just wanted to hug me. Meaner. Well I’ll deal with him later.

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