Twins Twisted x Akuma Neko Onnanoko

Twins Twisted x Akuma Neko Onnanoko

In a small town of Oyanagi, there is one old house deep upon the dark woods known as the Yoshibaru Mansion. The secret home of two orphan twin girls, who may appear innocent but have very dirty hands of blood. There with them lives a friend and guardian that is actually the legendary feared being in town. When good goes very bad and bad becomes so good, a twisted horror among Oyanagi town.

Chapter 1

Oyanagi Beginning: Part1.

“♪…release it…release all of it…no more of you…in you go in the monsters belly…squishy squishy…mmm…goodbye♫” A little girl washing her hands near a river as the water turned red and the girl smiled leaving.

(5:24pm) “We should be here already, are you sure you’re reading that map right?” said Officer Matsuo wiping his head with a napkin by the heat. “Yes, the entrance should had come by now” Inspector Shinohara said annoyed. “Jeez we had to go looking for this place on a hot day and nothing else from miles away” Matsuo sighed getting out the car for abit. “Hey relax old man, we always make it” Shinohara smiled calmly taking another look at the map. “Heh, sure we do” Matsuo smiled back and stopped seeing someone appear.

“♪Oyanagi…hear my call…come to me and I will spare you…♫” A little girl singed low riding towards the men on her bike, with her clothes dirty. “Hey there little miss, please stop for a minute” Matsuo quickly said and held up his badge. The girl starred at him quietly waiting on her bike and Shinohara came out the car near his partner. “Sorry, I know we are strangers but good ones that are lost you see” Matsuo said with a kind smile.

“My parents are long dead, so it’s fine, I‘ll help you sir” The little girl said with a grin. “Well, um thank you, we are looking for Oyanagi” Shinohara said with a smile though felt a strange calm atmosphere around them. “That’s my home town, follow me, I’ll get you there but with something in return” The girl smiled and began on her bike. “Thanks sweetie, let’s go Shinohara!” Matsuo said relieved and started driving slowly watching the girl.

The little girl took them down a path they never saw or missed and soon could see the town from above, driving down slowly on the bumpy road and parked upon a shop, both getting out for a better view of the town. “Welcome to my town” The girl said smiling. “Thank you very much, wait did you want something in return?” Officer Matsuo said pulling out candy from his pocket. “That’s okay, your presence here its way better, my name is Akane, enjoy your duty sirs” Akane said with a grin and left back her way.

In a café the men sat at a table with a folder on the table and them both exchanging looks and serious thoughts. “I can’t believe a great little town like this could ever have a case like this here” Shinohara said very disturbed.
Matsuo took a long inhale and opened the folder where there were pictures of three bodies found but each victim’s organs and head was scattered around hidden in town.

“Who what do that!?” Shinohara said not looking but trying to stay calm but got sick. “That’s what we are here to find out, we have to wait for the next move…someone anonymous and petrified sent us these pictures and reports, stay calm for now for me” Matsuo said seriously. “Alright” Shinohara replied and relaxed.

Outside the window something was standing and listening as heavy breathing could be seen on the glass and non English words was spoken that the glass suddenly broke like someone punched it hard, startling both Matsuo and Shinohara along with everyone else.

Akane stood above a hill quietly and held a human heart, squeezing it tight and laughing very demented as the more she squeezed and blood burst upon her face. “…aww broke my toy…have to get another…” Akane grinned and walked away into the sunset with a hatchet.

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