76 questions

Yes, I do these a fair amount when I get bored.

Chapter 1


by: m3rcy616
1. are you a boy or girl?:

2. how old are you?:

3. what is your Chinese zodiac sign?:
-I'm on the very tail end of the year of the metal goat (or sheep, some will list it as a goat, others as a sheep) when you look at the exact dates. Since the year of the metal goat does go into January of 1992. Up to the 22nd, I believe.

4. what is your zodiac sign?:

5. who is your best friend?:
-There are multiple: My fiance, Andrew, and then Nix, Rage, Shanna, and Ash. (Yes, Rage is a nickname)

6. who are some actors that you think are hot?:
-Luke Goss, Alex Gonzalez, Chris Hemsworth , and Steven Strait,

7. who is your favorite actress?:
-Helena Bonham Carter

8. who is your favorite band?:
-Black Tide

9. who do you love the most?:
-my mom and Andrew

10. what is your favorite color?:

11. would you give up everything you had for your soul-mate?:
-He's in the military, when we're married, which will be this year, I will have to pack up and move with him. But it'll be worth it.

12. are you single?:
-Nope. Engaged.

13. what if you met your soul-mate at the wrong time?:
-It could have happened. He and I both had bad points in our lives. The time we met happened to be perfect for both of us. I honestly don't know if it would be the same.

14. jacob black or edward cullen?:

15. twilight or harry potter?:
-Harry Potter.

16. burn in the sun or sparkle?:
- burn, it makes a 'real' vampire.

17. would you go all the way on the first date?:
-I've had a one night stand.

18. hugs or kisses?:
- both

19. imagine it is a dark night you are alone, who do you call?:
-Depends on if something;s going on or not. like if I'm in some kind of trouble, I'd call my mom, if nothing's wrong, then no one.

20. what have you've been thinking about lately?:
-The things I'm worried about, and my coming marriage.

21. if you could be at your dream place right now, what would you be doing?:
-Cuddling up with Andrew, in our own place, just us. (it'll happen when he comes back)

22. if somebody was describing your personality what would they say?:
-That I'm quiet and reserved with people I don't know, but I'd kill for the ones I love, and I CAN be the life of the party.

23. what gives you butterflies in your tummy?:
-I don't really know.

24. if you could get an endless supply of any food what would you get?:

25. if you could be any animal what would you be and why?:
-a snow leopard

26. when you were little who was your favorite super-hero?:
-The Dark Knight: Batman

27. what's your favorite thing to do in the summer?:
-Just relaxing outdoors

28. if you were an icecream what would it be?:
-butter pecan

29. what's your favorite cartoon character?:
-Toki Wartooth from Metalocalypse

30. are you a morning or night person?:

31. what are your favorite hobbies?:
-Playing music, drawing and reading

32. what are your pet peeves or interesting things you don't like about yourself?:
-My occasional forgetfulness

33. if someone made a movie about your life what genre would it be in?:

34. if you were a comic-strip character who would it be?:
-Boo from 'Writhe and Shine'

35. what message or thought would you like to put in a fortune cookie?:
-;Gotta get through today to get to tomorrow'

36. if you had to give up a favorite food which would it be?:
-I've already given it up for the time being: Salmon.

37. what is one food you never want to taste again?:

38. if you won a lottery ticket and got a million dollars what would you do with it?:
-Pay of the bills that are are pilling up (but aren't over due) pay off the rest of my renters insurance, bide my time in this place, pay for the things my parents (and possibly the in laws) will let me pay for with my coming wedding, and then rest easy until I can get myself into the better job I'm trying to get into. (such a long process) That kind of money will also make the move easier after Andrew and I are married.

39. you've been given access to a time machine where and when would you travel to?:
-Maybe back to September, to tell myself not to move in with Brandi. To just wait, but to also meet my fiance the way and the time that I did. (but when I get through my predicament here, I'll be a better person because of it.)

40. in your opinion what animal is the best?:
-There's not really a best, just my fave: The snow leopard.

41. what is one item you should really throw away but probably won't?:
-don't have such item yet

42. growing up what were your favorite toys?:
- Seeky )the green brontosaurus stuffed animal I've had since I can remember, I have him to this day), Park (Seeky's pal, the orange triceratops, who I seem to have lost.) and Tugger (I carried that thing around everywhere, even after it broke)

43. who is the most relevant person in our time?:
-Relevant to what? I don't actually have an answer for this.

44. what is the title of the best book you've ever read?:
-'Battle Royale'

45. what is the name of the best movie you've ever seen?:
-'The girl who kicked the hornets nest' -It's not our in it's English version yet, but I've watched it in it's original Swedish version. It rocks! I ca'nt wait for the English version, They did a fantastic job with 'The girl with the Dragon Tattoo'

46. what's the name of the worst movie you've ever seen?:
-probably 'X-men Origins: Wolverine' The first half was alright, but the action scenes had issues, and far too much happened in that one movie. too many deaths of characters who could have gone on to other movies. Which is just bad.

47. what comes to mind when you hear the word reality?:
-Seeing things from a clear perspective.

48. what is the most beautiful thing about people?:
-The capacity for compassion.

49. what is the most honest thing you've done?:
- I base my morality on honesty, so it's hard to say the most honest thing I've done.

50. if you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?:
- Nothing about myself, though I'm trying like hell to change the situation I'm in.

51. what is the ugliest thing you know?:
-Dishonesty, Arrogance (don't get me wrong, confidence is good, but when you cross into arrogance, that's enough to make a person ugly.) and the combination of rude and self-righteous behavior.

52. what do you like to do most with a free hour?:
-Skype with my fiance, or read

53. what is the most significant event of the past 3 months?:
- for my life: getting engaged to my fiance.

54. on what basis do you select your friends?:
-I'm not really sure. My besties and I are a solid group, though we all have our own lives that are taking shape, and we've been like that for years.
but with new friends it's based on trust, that I feel comfortable sharing things about myself with them ,and the ability to get along.

55. what is the greatest problem in the united states?:
- things are pretty screwed up. I think the government needs a reevaluation, though I'm no expert on it. It just seems to me like the goverment's attention is not on the things it should be, and that the use of logic would make a huge difference in how the government is run.

56. what is the greatest value that guides your life?:
-Honesty. I already said this, but at least it's not a repeat question.

57. what is the greatest crime one person can commit to another?:
-unjust murder and torture.

58. for what do you think you'd be willing to lay down your life?:
- when I do become a mother, my kids.

59. what do you feel when you stand at the shore in the ocean?:
-relaxed. I realize I'm very small in comparison to the gran scheme of things.

60. choose a word to describe your life up to this moment?:
-Stressful mostly, peaceful when I get to talk to him.

61 what is the most beautiful thing you've seen?:
- a shooting star on a clear starry night.

62. what is your biggest worry?:
-my finances at the moment.

63. what do people like best about you?:
- my sense of logic.

64.what do you think when you think of the word tragedy?:
-something that drastically changes someones life in a negative way, be it a death, or a loss of home, things like that.

65. what skill do you need in order to succeed?:
-Determination. and the capacity to learn.

66. choose a word to describe a sunset?:

67. when do you feel most lonely?:
-when I feel like there's no one I can turn to.

68. what future discovery do you anticipate the most?:
- the cure for major diseases.

69. what is the greatest music ever composed?:
- hard to say. I'm a music theory nerd so, anything that does utilize theory is great in my book.

70. what's your favorite room in the house?:
-My bedroom my sanctuary.

71. I really crack up when?:
-My fiance makes a joke, he can make me laugh so easily.

72. what was your most memorable birthday?:
-my 18th.

73. favorite tv show?:

74. favorite character from that show?:
- Toki Wartooth, I already said.

75. favorite time of day?:
-The hours after dark.

76. what is your name?:


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