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Chapter 1


There was once a time where only the good were born. Everyone on earth was happy and everyone in heaven was prosperous. No one fought over anything.
And then, for the first time, an angel cried. All the angels in heaven were scared. What is happening? However, life continued as it was.
Then it happened again. This time, an angel bled. Frightened, a group of angels ran to God.
"Father, what is happening. Angels are losing their happiness and they are experiencing pain." Suddenly, an angel burst into the holy temple.
"Lucifer, my child, what is it?" God said. He then stopped talking. The other angels turned around and they froze as well. His hands were covered in mortal blood.
"My Lord, help me. I have murdered a child. An innocent baby girl, no older than the age of two. What is happening Lord?"
"Out! Leave, Lucifer. I trusted you and this is how you betray me? By killing my precious humans? You should be ashamed of yourself."
"Father? What about forgiveness?"
"What you have done is too much to forgive. Leave and never return."
"But..." By then it was too late. Lucifer was banished from the glories of heaven and sent to earth. Angered, Lucifer went through the streets collecting any that would follow him. The ones that did, gained more power than anyone could imagine. Their life journey was to collect more followers. Lucifer's plan was to attack Heaven, but he needed more people as well as a place to stay. He created a seperate realm for him and his followers. After a unanimous vote, they called the place, Hell. In Hell, you could do anything you want, as long as it wasn't good. If it was good, you were lost privileges to the realm of Hell.

All was calm. There was good and there was evil. Usually it balanced out, but recently evil has been winning. God noticed this and he starts to become irritated. The same group of angels came to him, expecting him to solve all the problems. God told this group that the only way to stop evil on Earth is to go to Earth. An angel suggested that they should take selected people to send to Earth. God thought this was a great idea and the 15 angels in the room were assigned to Earth.
The followers of Lucifer were on Earth when they saw these angels fixing problems. They saw behind their disguises and saw their pure white wings.
They went straight to Lucifer complaining that these white angels were ruining their plan. This got Lucifer upset. The Lord has copied his brilliant ideas. He gave all of his followers pitch black wings, but he didn't know how to solve this problem.
So, he made a child from the Sea of Darkness in the middle of Hell. The child was a beutiful girl. If he didn't know any better, he would've thought that she was "good". He sent her to Earth and she caused more problems than the fifteen angels could keep up with. They called on God and told him about this child. God tried so many times to destroy her, but she was invincible. So he created a creature that was invincible as well. The appearance of this man was as evil as the girl Lucifer created, but his heart was as pure as her face. He sent this man to Earth to solve Lucifer's mess.

Again the world was evened out. However, one day, Lucifer's creation and God's creation met. Instantly, each of them fell in love with each other. They knew that it was wrong to, but what harm was there?
As soon as Lucifer saw this, he took away the girl from Earth and drowned her in the Sea of Darkness. God also took away his creation and brought him back to the dirt. However, what they don't know was that they were each created the same way. They each couldn't have been completely dead.

So now, 500 years exactly later, both creatures were formed again and both were born on the same day at the same hospital from different mothers.
So our story begins...

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