I only dream in a world of color- Avatar the last airbender story

From Avatar the last airbender( tv show)
Name: Sallia (sal-lee-uh)
Background: Lost princess, sister of Zuko and Azula
other: she can produce a special white fire more powerful then blue. Azula burned her eyes because of jealousy, leaving her blind.
looks like: Orange glazed over eyes, orangish red hair:http://www.dolldivine.com/avatar-the-last-airbender.php

Chapter 1

Recalling History (Introduction)

I sat on my balcony, feeling the wind in my hair and hearing the villagers buy and sell goods. This is my last time I thought being able to sit in my balcony feeling like the true princess I should be. Angry tears came to my useless eyes as I thought of Azula and my selfish father, embarrassed of my "disability." You see when I was eight years old I could already produce a powerful white flame above orange and blue. Only a handful of firebenders could produce it, my own grandfather couldn't. Well I was practicing to show grandfather how good I have gotten and Azula saw me make a white flame for the first time. Azula, who could just make a blue flame, was enraged by jealousy and hatred, came up behind me and put her hands on my eyes. It was immediate pain caused by the blue flames burning my eyes. She dropped her hands and ran away as for me I dropped to the ground in a world of black that I didn't know would be permanent. It was Zuko who found me when he was on his way to dinner. I could only hear him screaming my name even though I lifted my head and opened my eyes.
"Zuko where are you! Where are you!"
"Mommy!!" He screamed. I could hear the panic.
"No Zuko don't tell I will be fine. Just don't tell." He helped me to my room and told my parents I went to bed early. I was still in a world of black.

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