Invader Beth's Totally Random Story!!!!!!!!!!! (For her contest!)

Hi!! :3
I am now going to explain why Invader Beth's picture makes total sense!!

Chapter 1

Why The Pic Makes Sense

~Spencer's POV
I was walking to my girlfriends house in a tux, when all of a sudden a UPS truck went zooming by! It drove into a ditch.
"Ohmigosh!!!!" I said as I ran over and called 911. The guy was seriously injured and his buddy was fine, but his car was okay. The paramedics came and helped the guy. The guy's buddy thanked me for my help and asked if I wanted a sewing machine that a lady sent out to no one, but wanted to get rid of.
"Sure," I said, taking it from him. My mom needed a new one anyway. As a tow truck drove up to help the UPS truck, I just continued on my way with the sewing machiene.

And that is why the picture makes sense :3


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