My Best Love Ever

My Best Love Ever

:) inspiration of my love heehee (secretly for him lol he sleep X3)

Chapter 1

One Love Equal Two

I can't help love you
You give and I want more
Can't get enough of you
Making me go crazy
Falling for you every day
Stuck in my heart
A cupid arrow deeply in me
Wounding my heart
But I get a hot doctor in the end
Heart beats of passion
That look drives me crazy
I want to taste your lips
That sweet smile must be delicious
Your scent is heaven
I'm lost in the clouds by you
Your touch is pleasure
Just enough to make me warm inside
This fire is burning for you
Your my one and only
I'll be with until the end of time
Then together in the stars
But that love will have me become a shooting star
For one thing I got my

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