Harry in High School(One Direction Fan FICTION)

So, everybody knows One Direction. Everybody should also know they're different ages. I am completely aware of this, but this is FICTION. So, where to begin? Louis was Shayna's best friend since preschool,but in 7th grade he ditched her for the populars. Shayna knew from just that little thing, that she HATES Harry stupid Styles, for taking away her best friend.

Chapter 1

Friends and Enemies

How would you feel if your best friend was torn away from you? Would you feel upset, or depressed? What if it was his choice, and he chose to be with someone popular? Would you feel jealous, furious, yet still depressed? That's how I feel. Louis was my own little diary, he knew special and important things about me nobody else knew. But Harry and THEM took him away, and he let them.

Harry Styles, the 'leader' of the group they formed, has always been my biggest enemy to walk the planet. I don't care how many girls in the school swoon over his brown curly hair, or his dazzling green eyes. So what, of course he's hot, even I know it. But unlike others, I see past his looks, and I know how much of a jerk he is to the world. The only thing I see in my eyes towards him is complete, pure hatred. He and Louis became best friends instantly, and I knew there was no way I could get him back. He was gone, into the table of the populars.

Niall was always the fun, Irish one. He loved food more than his girlfriend, that much. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, and what I think is an adorable accent. By my descriptions, it may seem like I like him or we are friends. It's actually far opposite. I despise him, because him and his friends used to embarrass me publicly. But I do admit, I love his accent.

Zayn Malik, the quiet one. He was always quiet, but he would have a comeback ready if necessary. He knows where he stands, and takes advantage of it. He has smart girls who worship him do his homework. But I do like how he is the one who rarely says anything. He is actually quite funny sometimes...

Liam was the last one of their group, he was by far the most mature. Sure, he had fun with the jokes and insults, but he knew when the boys should focus more on schoolwork, than on bugging me. He was what I'd call the dad of the group. Even though he takes part in my daily insultings, he still has something that makes you seek authority in him.

Those are the populars, and I even tried to name something good about them, even the devil himself, Harry. Don't be fooled by some other stories that could be read about the group, I'm not actually a loner. I have a decent number of friends, but most are just aquaintances.

Clara is my best friend of all time, we're stuck together like glue. She knows almost all my secrets, and vice-versa. We have some things we keep to ourselves, like some of the things I told Louis and not her. She understood that I couldn't talk about it, so I did that with her too. Clara has dyed black curly hair, it got a little frizzy on some days. Her gray eyes were pretty, and mysterious looking. She loved to joke around, but she never kidded about food. EVER. If only Niall were nicer, they would be such a cute match!

Aubrey is my other friend. We're not as close as Clara is with me, but Aubrey is the girl I go to for advice. She's a spunky red-head, with bright green eyes. She never got embarrassed, the opposite of me. She was flawless, nobody judged her looks. People, meaning Harry's groupies, judged me. I had long, dark brown hair, with blue eyes the color of the sky, but it doesn't make a difference to them. Aubrey was only loud if you knew her for a while, which I did. I had known her since first grade, Clara only since sixth. Yet Clara and I somehow got closer...

Juliette was the school's 'it girl'. Every school has to have one, so she happens to be it. But don't be fooled, she isn't dating Harry. She's actually dating Louis, and I hate every minute of it. It's not because I like Louis, ew he's my best friend. Wait, I mean he WAS. WAS my best friend. But anyway, we made a promise at the end of sixth grade to never date anybody fake. But of course, he threw that promise away.

Lastly, there's me. Shayna Matthews. I guess you could say I'm quite average. I explained my hair and eyes already. I am usually just funny, and free-spirited with my friends. But in front of Harry, I somehow turned into a person who's too afraid to say their name without being scared of embarrassment. I love acting, and I always have. I'm an average singer and dancer, and I just love ice cream. Random, right? Well, I'm really random. I live with my younger brother, James, and my parents. My dad is sometimes never around, he's always on business trips. We survive well enough on our own, with our without Dad. That seems enough introduction, it's time to see my life, being tormented by my best friend's new bestie.

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