Harry in High School(One Direction Fan FICTION)

So, everybody knows One Direction. Everybody should also know they're different ages. I am completely aware of this, but this is FICTION. So, where to begin? Louis was Shayna's best friend since preschool,but in 7th grade he ditched her for the populars. Shayna knew from just that little thing, that she HATES Harry stupid Styles, for taking away her best friend.

Chapter 2

Just An Average Day

"Shay, wake up. Mum has breakfast waiting for you." My brother, James, started to poke me to wake me up.

"Five more minutes J" I argued.

"No. Do you want your bedsheets and pyjamas soaked with water? No? Then get your arse outta bed." The fourteen year old yanked the duvet off of me, so I was forced to get up. The funny thing is we do that every morning. I quickly got into the shower and rinsed off, then I walked back to my room to debate what to wear.

I eventually decided just to have my pink short sleeved shirt, with my black tight leather jacket over, a pair of jeans, and my black boots. Lastly, I put on my scarf around my neck just like Louis taught me many years ago. I braided my hair to the right side, then walked downstairs to have a piece of toast being thrown at me. I caught it quickly, then ate it on my way to the fridge.

"Good morning Shayna." My mum said from behind the paper she was reading.

"Morning Mum." I said with a stuffed mouth. She chuckled, as I got some cereal and milk out with my mouth full of toast. After eating my wonderful Lucky Charms, I walked back upstairs to put my make-up on. I don't cake it on like Juliette, but I do put some on just because I feel like it. So, I had on some mascara, eyeliner, foundation, and lip balm. See? Simple.

"Bye Mum, come on J" I shouted as I grabbed my backpack.

"Bye kids, have fun at school." She yelled back to us. We walked together out of the house, and down the driveway, before Justin got out his skateboard. He rode next to me as I walked, then eventually we made it to what some call school, I call prison. We walked our seperate ways, as he went down to the freshmen area.

"Shay! Come quick, I just have to tell you something!" Clara yelled from across the yard. I avoided people's stares and jogged over to her, where she was waiting at her locker with a new bottle of lip balm.

"Is this what you wanted to tell me so badly?" I asked.

"Of course, silly. I just needed to tell you that, before I go to Mr. Gregory's class. I'll see you at lunch, okay?" She didn't wait for my answer, she just walked off to history class. I opened my locker and shoved my books inside, taking out only my English book and my notebook to draw pictures in. When I closed my locker and turned around, I jumped back and hit my head against the lockers.

"Fancy meeting you here, Shayna." Harry said to me, his eyes glittering with amusement at my fright.

"Interesting, because this is my locker. Maybe you just can't keep yourself away from me." I retorted.

"Who'd want to see your face every day?" He asked, disgusted, while leaning against the locker that was mine, that I now need to burn to shreds because of his germs.

"Apparently you, since you bug me daily." I smiled fakely at him, then walked off to class. Almost every seat was taken, except for the back. Perfect, I like going there anyway so I can text Clara and Aubrey. I'm a good student, but in English we literally read stories from the literature books and write a paragraph about it as homework.

"Okay class, today we'll be reading page 304-307. Read carefully, we're going to be having a group project on it." My teacher said. So he actually decided to give us actual work? That's a first.

"Hey Shayna, you zoned out for a bit there." Harry leaned onto my desk casually. I shrugged his hand off. Great, another item to burn.

"What's your point?" I asked, uninterested.

"You get the honor of being my partner for the project, you know, since everywhere else is full." I looked around, and sure enough everyone had a partner already.

"What about your friends? Maybe Louis, or the others?" I glared at him the best that I could.

"Sorry Shay-Shay, but little Lou is busy with his girlfriend. Oh, and it's also because Mr. Meyer requested that I be with you. So, here I am." He popped into the seat next to me. I stared in shock at him, but he just laughed at me.

"But you- but I- maybe we could- UGH! Fine, I give up fighting, it's absolutely useless now." I rolled my eyes. I really had no other options in my head to get out of it.

"Thatta girl! How 'bout we go over to my place after school, then I can help your stupid mind to become more brilliant like mine." He smirked.

"Do you honestly think that I would go over to your house? It's probably infested with germs. We can go to the park. That's IT." I crossed my arms over my chest.

"Sure, I'll see you after school, by my car, partner." He winked then walked out of the class as the bell rang, leaving me flustered.

"Shay! I need to tell you something important!" Aubrey told me when we were walking to my locker.

"If it's that Clary has new lip balm, I know." I said, while trying to brush off my locker of any germs Harry might've left on it.

"No silly! But it's sort of about Harry. Well, not him directly, but Louis." She blushed a little. Oh god no...

"You like Louis?" I blurted out. She shushed me, then started to whisper.

"Yes, I didn't want to tell you because of the whole... Best friend scenario, but I can't help it! And he has a girlfriend too! It completely, utterly sucks." She said. He must be pretty big news for her to be so... Girly. Sure, she's a dancer, but she's extremely violent if you push her buttons.

"My advice, stay away. But real advice, wait until they break up. It's only a matter of time before Juliette finds a new toy." I said. I saw James with a few of his friends by the fountain, so I excused myself from Aubrey for a second to go up to him.

"Hey J. Hi Justin, Greg, Brian." I said to his friends and him.

"Hiya Shay, what's up?" He asked concerned. I usually don't even look at him during school hours.

"I'm going home with somebody today for a project, so you can either walk home or get a ride with someone." I said.

"Okay, have fun with your friend." He said.

"Trust me, I won't." I muttered to myself as I walked back to Aubrey.

"Who's your project partner? Is he cute?" She asked.

"No, he is the most disgusting creature to ever walk this planet. He's absolutely repulsive, he's-" I started.

"Harry. I knew it. I feel bad for you. But hey, he's hot and he's a great singer. So there's something good!" She smiled.

"Well yeah, I know he's hot and a great singer, fantastic really, but he's still just the annoying bum, Harry." We laughed, then started walking into the music building. She walked off to dance class, and I was stuck going into our school's Glee Club singing class, where I'd have to be alone with five of the most utterly annoying boys on the planet. Well, four and a girl, Louis will always be my BooBear. But Juliette, yeah she's on my bad side too, just like the other four boys, Zayn, Niall, Liam, and you guessed it, the oh so fantastic singer, Harry.

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