Harry in High School(One Direction Fan FICTION)

So, everybody knows One Direction. Everybody should also know they're different ages. I am completely aware of this, but this is FICTION. So, where to begin? Louis was Shayna's best friend since preschool,but in 7th grade he ditched her for the populars. Shayna knew from just that little thing, that she HATES Harry stupid Styles, for taking away her best friend.

Chapter 21


Oh my carrots guys I'm so sorry, I can't update any of my stories for the next few days. My grades are dropping in algebra, so my mom is giving me almost no technology time! Plus I have hebrew school, and I need to memorize my lines for a play I'm starring in. I only have 15 minutes a day on the computer besides my project I'm doing, so I'm trying to finish a chapter! SO SORRY! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!

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