Harry in High School(One Direction Fan FICTION)

So, everybody knows One Direction. Everybody should also know they're different ages. I am completely aware of this, but this is FICTION. So, where to begin? Louis was Shayna's best friend since preschool,but in 7th grade he ditched her for the populars. Shayna knew from just that little thing, that she HATES Harry stupid Styles, for taking away her best friend.

Chapter 22


I know everyone's pissed I haven't updated lately and I'm super duper sorry. I kinda don't know where the story leads to and I just can't think of anything else to write. If anybody wants to continue it, go ahead I guess... Follow me on instagram and twitter! Ig- @cassieluvs1D twitter- @Cassie_Weinberg SOWWY!!!!!!!!!!!! If you're sad just go listen to some Ed Sheeran or Cher or 1d. Yeah. I LUV U ALL!

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