Yep. This is goodbye!

Just read it. By now I don't give a crap if you read or not.

Chapter 1

Goodbye Quibblo

I'm deleting my account. And yes, I am also deleting my back-up account, so no one can say anything on that either. You could be wondering, why is she deleting? Well, what started for defending my friend turned to people calling us trolls, haters, and idiots. You think it's resolving anything? You also know what this is called, bullying. Most people are against it, but even calling people trolls hurts their feelings. I don't care how many times any of you apologize I'm deleting. I have one more account I created, and I'm adding no one that called me any of those names. So, you know who you are, and don't bother finding me and sending a request if you called me anything. I'll deny it and block you. I'm so far giving about three people my new account name, and they are people who truly care about me and how I feel. Also, even if you called me names and you apologize, I still won't add you. It was no ones' business besides my two friends, and I who told this girl stuff. People who called me an idiot, explain to me why I'm in the National Junior Honors Society in school please. All the friends that I don't send a request to, either is because we don't talk, we don't share any interests, you don't read my stuff, or you're one of the haters. And yes I'm calling you a hater, calling people names truly means you are a hater too. I came on this account one last time to get my FMA story, so I don't have to start over. I was also going to ask two friends if they wanted to have a character in the story, but one of them called me a name, so they aren't going to get asked. Don't bother apologizing, I don't need anyones' sympathy or pity.


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