Eyes Open Wide (A StarKid Story)

Eyes Open Wide (A StarKid Story)

Yeah. My first story. Woo hoo.
Okay, I am not I good writer! Siriusly, I'm writing for fun! Not to show off my talent, or lack thereof. My grandmother is an amazing writer and expects me to be too, but I suck. I inherited nothing.
Please comment anyway though! I would like suggestions and criticism, if you wouldn't mind :)
I'm probably getting a lot of information wrong... Ignore that! It's fanfiction, after all :)

Chapter 1

Brian Holden Dumps Coffee On Me

"Remi!" A voice whispers from beside me. Pax Cele is trying to get my attention.
"W-what?" I stutter and turn my head to look at him. Do my ears decieve me? Pax Cele is speaking to me? He actually lowered himself to talk to me? Weird.
"What are we supposed to be doing exactly?" He blinks his incredibly blue eyes.
"Page 326. Do the questions and define key terms," I answer, looking back at the paper.
"Thanks," He says, but I'm already working.
Oh, he probably thinks I'm the worst person in the world. A stuck up snob. I'm just shy though. My entire high school experience has been horrible. I have no friends. I'm not one of those people who whine about how mean everyone is to them. They're aren't rude to me, they just kind of ignore my existence.
I honestly think that it's my fault they don't like me that much. I'm just so shy that it's scary. If you talk to me, a person will naturally assume that I'm a bitch or just boring.
I like to think that one day I'll come out of my shell somehow. I only have one year of high school left, though. I don't think it's gonna happen. Even though I'm a junior, I'm eighteen. I was held back a few years because my mother thought I was 'too immature' to be the the rest of the class. I was only in pre-k! I would be out of this place if she hadn't of decided to pull that stunt.

At lunch, I sit at my usual table. I don't speak, just sit and listen. I know a lot of things that I wasn't meant to hear by doing what I do. Observing things for so long, I pick up on things. It is one of my few talents. For example, I know that Avon is dating Bayle, but I'm 100% positive he's fooling around with Kyree.
"Sign my yearbook!" Leigh squeals and passes the gold book to Rousseau.
And so began the insane, last day of school, yearbook riot.
"Can I sign yours, Remi?" Rousseau asks, flipping her red hair out of her face. She is the nicest person at our school. I can tell she's just trying to be nice. She feels sorry for me, I imagine.
"I haven't gotten mine yet," I lie quickly. Truth is, I left it in my locker. Every year, people sign like crazy at lunch. Since I never have the guts to ask anyone to sign mine, I leave it in my locker to avoid humiliation.
"Oh, that's too bad," She smiles sweetly.
"Yeah, I know."

Finally, the bell rang. I reached down and grabbed my things and practically ran out of the classroom. No more school for a 3 months! Summer 2012, here I come!
I heaved myself into my truck and cranked up the radio to my favorite country station and started singing along. Not to brag, but I have a pretty good singing voice.
I drive up in my driveway some ten minutes later. Unlocking the door, I grab a handful of animal crackers and jog up the stairs and to my room.
What to do to kick off the summer? Watch my insane, amazing, ispirational internet friends. StarKid. Yes, I just might have a small obsession where they're concerned. I can't help it.
I type in a random video and watch until supper.
StarKid kind of makes me cry. They showed me I am totally awesome. They make me laugh, cry, and believe. I can't get through the day without a StarKid quote, daydream, or song.
The SPACE tour was one of the best nights of my life. I didn't get VIP tickets and I was in the very back row on the balcony, but it was amazing. Just being in their presence, knowing that they're actually real people,made my night.
Speaking of the SPACE Tour, New Orleans would be a nice place to go to kick off the summer.....
"Mom!" I cry and push my chair out from under my desk.
"What?" She comes running up the staris as I'm running down. "Are you okay? Are you hurt?"
"I'm fine! Sort of," I say and start walking the rest of the way down the stairs.
"Sort of? I need a yes, Remi!"
"Don't freak, Mom. I just have a question."
"Ask away."
I take a deep breath. "To kick off the summer, I was just wondering if... maybe.. for the weekend... just you and me... we could go to New Orleans?" I brace myself for the worst.
To my surprise, Mom smiles. "That actually sounds pretty fun. I got paid today. We can leave Saturday morning and stay in a hotel and come back Sunday night."
"Seriously?" I gasp.
"Yes! It sounds fun," Mom replies.
"Ohmygoshyay!" I throw my arms around her. "I'm gonna go pack!" I turn and sprint up the stairs. "It's gonna be totally awesome!"

Taylor Swift's sweet voice rings through my headphones at 7 am Saturday morning. The sky is perfectly blue, not a cloud in sight.
"I'm getting hungry. Can we stop at McDonald's?" I ask Mom from the passenger side.
"We're almost there, though!" She says happily.
"An hour is not almost there," I tell her. "My stomach can't wait that long."
"Here," She tosses some gum to me, "chew this and shut up."
"Fine," I grumble.

Twelve hours later, we're walking the streets of New Orleans. Jazz music is mixed in with laughter running through the streets. Lights are blinking in shops. It's beautiful.
Even though I live out in the country, I've always loved the city.
"Where do you want do eat?" Mom asks me.
"How about Olivier's Creole?" I point to a small but elegant looking place.
"Good deal."

"This is freaking delicious!" I comment, shoving the spicy Cajun soup into my mouth.
"Mm hmm," Mom agrees, licking her lips.
"Thanks so much for bringing me here, Mom. I'm having a lot of fun."
"I am, too. Thanks for putting the idea in my head!"
"No problem," I laugh and puch my chair back. "I'm gonna use the restroom."
I maneuver around the tables toward the back of the building. The bathroom, it's sad to say, is nicer than my bedroom. The walls are painted a dark red color. Gold candelabras stick out of the walls and a crystal chandelier hangs over my head.
After washing my hands in the granite sink, I push open the door and make my way back to the table.
Mom is talking on her cell phone rapidly, looking distressed.
"Yes, we need to cancel those. Thank you so much."
"What's wrong?" I ask.
"Work. They need me back tomorrow," Mom tells me, reaching down to pick up her purse. "Check, please!" She calls.
"But, we were supposed to stay here all weekend!" I protest.
"Remi, I can't control it. We have to leave. I've already canceled our hotel reservations."
"Mom, please! Can't we stay?" I beg. "It's great here!"
"We'd be leaving soon anyway, Remi. Hurry and finish your food. We have to get home."
"Wait, let me stay! You take a taxi home and leave me the car! I can stay the weekend!"
Mom gives me a look like I'm crazy. "What? No, you're only-"
"Eighteen! Legally an adult!" I interrupt her. "I can make it in New Orleans for two days."
"What on earth are you going to do? Go to a club or who knows what else?"
"I can shop! Eat out! Do you have any idea how much money I brought on this trip? I have two hundred dollars saved up since last summer. If you give me a little, I'll be fine!"
"Remi, I don't know. You're awfully young," She says skeptically.
"Eighteen, mother! Eighteen and really responsible! You know me! I can take care of myself. I've been here a thousand times, too, I know the city!" I argue.
Mom's face changes into multiple expressions. Deep thought. Anger. Worry.
It's silent at our table for about a minute.
"Call me every hour on the hour?" Mom finally whispers out.

I walk through the beautiful streets of New Orleans in silence. It's peaceful, in a way. So many things are going on aroud me, but I block it out. This wouldn't be a bad place to live.
A delicious, sugary smell wakes me from my trance. I'm near Cafe Du Monde. The smell has wafted about 50 feet to where I'm standing.
Beignets? I think so.
I quicken my pace toward the Cafe, staying on the right side to avoid a group of boys. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the one nearest me trip, and some idiot throws coffee on me.
I gasp loudly and stumble back. The cold hits me and the liquid heads down my shirt and jeans. As a southerner, I do not do well with cold things. At least now I know what it feels like to be on Glee.
"C-crap," I stutter and close my eyes. I will kill whoever did that.
"I'm so sorry! My idiot friend tripped me!" A voice says anxiously.
"I did not!" Another says indignantly.
Those voices sound familiar...
I open my eyes slowly and cautiously.
"I'm really sorry. Seriously, Rosenthal tripped me!" Brian Holden exclaims.
"Nah, I'm pretty sure I didn't," Brian Rosenthal says with a smile playing around his lips.
I'm gonna die. I'm standing in front of Brian Holden, Brian Rosenthal, and Joey Richter.. I'm the luckiest girl in the world.
"Yes, you did!" Brian H. looks at Brian R. "I'm positive! I do not just fall randomly and throw coffee on innocent bystanders!" His Lupin voice was showing through.
"Accept that you're a clumsy failure!" Rosenthal says in a singsong voice.
Meanwhile, I'm staring at them like an idiot.
They're actually here. In front of me. In front of me. In New Orleans. BRIAN HOLDEN DUMPED COFFEE ON ME!
This'll be a good one for Twitter.
Suddenly, a flash of hopes and dreams flashed in front of me. What if we be friends? I'm in New Orleans for two days? Anything can happen!
As soon as it was there, it was gone. They live in Chicago. I live in Mississippi. They're college graduates. I'm eighteen with a year of high school. They're mega-talented. I have no talent at all. Plus, they'd never be actual friends with a fan....
"Guys, calm down," Joey says, noticing my gaping mouth. "You're scaring her."
"I'm sorry," Holden repeats and points at Rosenthal, "though he should be the one apologizing."
"I resent that."
"You did it!"
"Nope, I'm pretty sure I didn't!"
"I know you did! It's your fault we drenched her!"
They both begin to argue like children. Just how I always pictured them.
"Seriously, guys," Joey smiles his sweet, crooked smile, "I think you need to stop. She looks terrified."
"If you are, we won't be offended. We get that a lot," Rosenthal shrugs.
Speak, Remi! Use words!
" It's okay," I stammer. "I'm pretty clumsy myself, I attract this sort of thing."
"Good! Blame yourself so Holden can stop blaming me!" Rosenthal yells.
"YOU DID IT!" Brian yells back, his face going red.
My life is amazing right now.
Should I leave? Explain that I'm fine? Laugh at them? Ask for an autograph? Faint??
"I'm Remi!" I blurt out cleverly. .
"You'd think she would run away screaming after being exposed to you two," Joey says thoughtfully.
"I don't scare that easy, I'm a Gryffindor," I smile, knowing they would get the reference and keep the conversation going.
"Woah, knowledge of Harry Potter," Joey looks impressed. "I'm Joey. And this Brian. And that's also Brian."
"Hi Brians and Joey. Nice to meet ya. I'm a pretty big fan," I admit. "The books are great."
"They are," Holden nods. "You know, me and my friends here actually did two musicals about Harr-"
"But I'm sure you don't want to here that!" Joey jumps in.
"Y'all put on musicals about Harry Potter? That's awesome!" I say.
"Yeah, they're pretty popular, actually," Holden shoots Joey a look, annoyed that he jumped in.
"So, you're not freaked out that we're huge nerds? I mean, we sang songs about wizards!" Rosenthal. throws his hands up in the air.
"No, that sounds awesome! What characters did y'all play?" I ask.
"Quirrel and Seamus."
"But, you're hair isn't red."
"I wear a wig! Duh!"
It's so weird. I'm standing here in front my favorite people in the world, pretending I have no idea who they are. I'm a liar!
"Listen, Remi," Holden begins, "I feel really bad about ruining your shirt."
"No problem! It kind of feels good in the heat now."
"Not for long. Can I like, buy you a new one or something?" He shifts his feey awkwardly.
A part of me really wanted to say yes. Saying yes would equal spending time with my idols. Who have no idea that I'm screaming inside. They have no idea that I've fantasized about them. Being one of them. Memorized their songs. Cried because of how proud I am. Laughing on a bad day because of them.
"I mean, you really don't need to. I'm good."
"No, really. Can I like, give you ten dollars to buy a shirt from Cafe Du Monde or something?"
"If you insist.... I was actually about to go there anyway. I live for those beignets," I say.
"They're delicious, aren't they? I love them!" Brosenthal jumps in. "Let's go! Joey, can we go? I want some sugary sweet bread things!"
"No, you don't need more sugar!" Holden snaps.
"Aww, Brian! Be nice to Brian!" I giggle.
"I'm going to get some food!" Brosenthal suddenly declares. "You guys can come or stay, but I'm going!" He takes off to the restaurant.
"Rosenthal!" Joey calls and runs after him.
"I take it you're about to follow?" I look at Holden.
"Yeah," He nods. "My friends said I have to bring them home safe and sound. All limbs and hairs remaining."
"Well, more for Joey. His hair is special." Holden says.
"It is. I was thinking his jaw was pretty special, too."
"Uh huh," He say, looking distracted. "Shall we walk?" He suddenly links his arm in mine and drags me to the door.
"You okay?" I say as we duck inside.
"Yeah, it's just.. remember those musicals we put on? I just saw a teenage girl with a t-shirt from the musical. So, I kind of wanted to run away. I'm internet famous."
"I see. Would she have freaked?"
"No idea. I've seen some faint, some scream, and some were pretty calm. We originally wanted to avoid fans on this trip, though."
"Huh," I say guiltily.
"There they are!" Holden points to the back of the room. "We're with them," He tells the hostess.
Sure enough, Brian and Joey are sitting at a square table laughing and looking gorgeous.
"We're with them?"
"Unless you don't want to sit with us."
"I guess I'm with y'all."
"Hi guys!" Brosenthal smiles as we sit down.
"Hola, Brian!" I smile back. "and next time, just say y'all!"
"Yawl? We don't say yawl where I come from."
"Well, where do you come from?" I ask, knowing perfectly well the answer.
"I'm from Mississippi. What brings you three down here?"
"Well, there are five of us down here, actually," Joey tells me as my heart skips a beat.
"I only see three. Are Bob and Jill your imaginary friends?"
"Haha. Funny. No, we brough Dylan and Jim, they're off watching some movie. We didn't want to go. But Dylan dragged us down here to eat fried oysters."
"So, you abandoned this Dylan because you hate fried oysters?"
"Finally someone who understands!" Brosenthal speaks out. "They're disgusting!"
"Right?" I say. "I'm more of a fried fish person. Non-slimy seafood for me."
"Agreed!" He gives me a high five.
"Hi! I'm Taylor!" A perky blonde waitress with a laser-whitened smile walked up to us.
"Hi, Taylor," I say, immediately not liking her. I'm oddly protective of my 'new' friends.
"What'll it be? Or have y'all still not decided?"
"A hot chocolate," I begin.
"And a whole bunch of beingets," Joey finishes for me.
"Make it four hot chocolates, if you will," Holden says, looking intently at his phone.
"In the summer?" Taylor raises her eyebrows.
"Don't judge us! Just bring us our food!" I tell her.
She rolls her eyes and walks away with our orders in her hands.
"She's very friendly," Brosenthal comments.
"America's sweetheart right there!" I wave in her direction. "Check you food for poison."
"I'll be immune. I've already been poisoned," Holden says with relish.
"Holden, Lauren didn't poison you. You ate bad sushi," Joey says slowly.
"It was Lauren, I tell you! She tried to kill me! And everyone loves her! Our fans are 'lez for Lopez' and crap! She wants me dead!" Holden spits.
"Well, remember that time you did try to smother her. And crush her. And you alomost pushed her out of the balcony of that hotel in New York," says Brosenthal thoughfully. "You're about even."
"Well she never died from that!"
"Neither did you," I remind him.
"You don't know that. I could be dead. I COULD BE A ZOMBIE!" He screams.
"Holy crap bite me!" I squeal. "I've always wanted to be a zombie! That'd be totally awesome!"
The three boys across from me all froze. "Did you just say totally awesome?"
"What? Totally awesome? What's wrong with that?" I try to look as innocent and curious as possible. "Is it special or something?"
"No. Not at all," Joey says dismissively. "It's just... unusual."
"Yeah, I guess it is."

"So, you abandoned Dylan and Jim?" I ask. "And you haven't called and checked on them while they're out and about in an unknown city. And the movie should have been over, like, two hours ago. Yeah, you care about them."
"They'll be fine," Holden shrugs.
"Yeah. Fine is murdered. Fine is kidnapped."
"Whoever tries to kidnap those two.. I don't envy them!" Joey says.
"He will keel heemself!" Brosenthal says in a French accent and swings around a streetlight pole. A gaggle of girls across the street stop and stare at him.
"Take a picture, it'll last longer!" I scream at them.
"Oh my God! It's Brian Rosenthal!" A blonde one says.
They take off across the street toward us.
"Nice, Rosenthal!" Holden slaps the back of his head. "You just have to be noticed!"
"It's not my fault I'm an orignal!" Brosenthal pouts.
"Do you know her?" I ask.
"Fan," Holden grunts and puts on a smile.
"Hi! Oh my god, we love you guys so much!" The pretty blonde one says.
"Seriously, you're amazing!" A girl with long, black hair says.
"I'm kind of starstruck!" The brunnette one adds.
"Thanks, that means a lot to us!" Joey smiles warmly at the blonde with his gorgeous crooked jaw. A hot flash of something hit my stomach. Jealousy.
"I'm Tia!" Blondie introduces herself and sticks out her hand.
The brunnette one adds, "I'm Nicki."
"And I would be Joelle," The black-haired one says.
"Nice to meet you, Tia, Nicki and Joelle. I'm Joey."
"Like we don't know!" Nicki laughs. "We've watched your shows like a million times!"
"Thanks so much!" Holden says. "We really appreciate fans who stick by us."
"We always do! You deserve every bit of recognition you get, and probably more!" Joelle says.
"Thank you! We always try to-"
"Wait. Hold up," Tia interrupts Joey and looks at me. "Who're you? Are you a new StarKid?"
"I wish!" I say without thinking.
"Wait? How do you know what StarKid is?" Holden askes questioningly.
Crap I'm so stupid!
"One of y'all mentioned it to me a while ago. I can't remember who it was," I lie lamely.
The boys shrug their shoulders at my answer and dismiss the thought.
"So, you want to be a StarKid?" Joelle says. "Are you gonna be in the next musical?"
I look at Holden awkwardly. I don't want to seem like I really want to or like I really don't want to.
"Who knows? Maybe. You'll just have to see," Joey says slyly.
"Ugh! Don't be evil to use, Joey! I wanna know!" Tia smacks his arm playfully.
Okay. Stay away from him. I'm the fan who claimed him first!
"Seriously, guys. We're not gonna tell you all of our secrets!" Holden winks at me and my heart flutters.
"But we're your biggest fans," Tia pokes out her lower lip and pouts.
"Are you really gonna say that to us, Brian?" Nicki says as Joelle nods in agreement. "Deny your biggest fans?"
"If you love us, you'll just wait," Joey says to them.
I yawn unintentially and glance at Brosenthal. He's staring at some of iron balconies with interest. He looks down and catches me staring at him. "I wonder if people actually live there?" He whispers. "I'll bet ghosts do."
I study the building. It really does look like a perfect place for creepy hauntings. "Little ghosties!"
Brosenthall leans forward to my ear. "Are you as bored as I am?"
I nod, "Yes, yes I am."
"Let's leave," He grabs my hand and backs away from the three girls, Holden, and Joey discussing StarKid shows. Surprisingly, they don't even notice. They're lousy fans. I would not dare let one of the StarKid's wander away without at least realizing it.
"Won't they worry?"
"Nah, I wander off frequently. They're used to it," He shrugs and takes off running in the direction of a horse-drawn carriage.
"Brian!" I yell out and start jogging his way. "Slow down!"
"Look! Only fifteen dollars!" He points at the sign when I finally catch up with him. "Can we do it? Please?"
"Joey and Holden are probably wondering where we went, we might should get back.." I look over my shoulder. Holden and Joey aren't even in my line of sight anymore.
"We can ride over to them!" He crys happily.
"I dunno if we can choose where we wanna go!" I say doubtfully.
"Of course you can!" The old African-American man driving the carriage said. "I'll take you two wherever ya wanna go! It's been a slow day and I'm always happy to see such a good couple!"
"Oh, we're not-" I begin, but Brosenthal interrupts me.
"We've been together five years," He says solemnly.
"Good number! Y'all have really got something going! Where ya need to go?" The man smiles and motions us into the carriage.
Brosenthal extends his hand to me and helps me climb onto the carriage and points with his other hand. "Just down there, we need to pick up some friends."
"No problem! I'm Charlie, by the way. And this here is Jessie," He gestures to the horse.
"Hi Charlie and Jessie! I'm Remi, and this is Brian."
Charlie jerks the reins and Jessie starts to trot in the direction of our lost friends.
"Do you think he'll give us a discount if I pretend to propose to you?" Brian asks me.
"Errmm...... No," I say flatly.
"Well see, I really think I need to because I have no cash!" He grabs his wallet and shows me. There are two twenties sticking out of the top, with many other bills hidden in the back.
I stare at him.
"I'm a cheapskate," He smiles sweetly.
"Look, I found 'em!" I shout out of the carriage as I suddenly see the top of Joey's green beanie.
"Where have you been?!" Holden rushes to his, swinging his arms. He looks as pompous as Percy.
"We got bored," Brosenthal says and starts playing with a button on his shirt.
"So you ran off without telling us?" Joey asks. "We thought you died!"
"You're fine with Dylan and Joe running around."
"Well we actually know where they are! And they asked permission!"
"Wait, hold up! They asked permission?" I say.
"Yes, of course," Holden replies, as if it's obvious. "Everyone knows I'm in charge here."
Joey mouths behind him, "Control freak!"

"I'm getting tired, I really should go," I say regretfully. In no way at all do I want to leave.But I'd rather leave in peace than them get tired of me.
"No, stay!" Brosethal begged. To my surprise, he had taken a liking to me. I was the only person who joined in on his insanity.
"I really shoud go to my hotel- Crap!" I slap my hand to my forehead. "My hotel reservations were canceled!"
"Exactly why did you do that?"
"My mother did," I explaimed. "I didn't know I was staying in New Orleans and she went ahead and canceled them."
"That sucks royal hippogriff!" Brosenthal burst out suddenly.
I fight the incredible urge to laugh. ".....Yeah, it does. I can go find somewhere else to stay, though. It's no a complete disaster. I've got cash."
"You can stay with us! We've got room!" Brosenthal jumps up and down on his toes.
No freaking way. I'm not that lucky. There is no way that can happen! Like they're gonna let some random stranger sleep in their hotel room! No one would be that stupid.
"I can sleep on the couch!" He says, smiling hopefully at Holden.
"No! I can't let y'all do that!" I tell them. "These Dylan and Joe people would freak!"
"No, trust me, they wouldn't," Joey says knowingly.
"I can't just go sleep in your hotel room!"
"It'll be easier! Just do it," Holden says, to my surprise.
"Yay! If Holden says you can then you can!" Brosenthal claps his hands.
"I mean... I guess... I really don't want to be a bother..." Oh yes! I do! I do! I want to stay with you and talk to you and keep this experience for the rest of my life! I'm screaming on the inside!!!!!
"It's settled then. You'll stay with us tonight."

Suggestions? Feedback? Criticism? If you comment, I will love you forever. Unless the comment is a rude comment. Then I will not love you forever :D And yes, I am aware the situation is completely unrealistic! Just let me live in denial! :)


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