Poison Ivy has a few words ;) you been warned

Chapter 1

My Experiment

Mmmm... my sweet baby
I'm here now...
Let me nurse you back to health
I won't let no bat hurt you
I'll treat you very good
Let you flow inside me
Make me yours
Together we will make them suffer
I'll pour my poison in their mouth...
Giving Gotham a taste of death
Nice and slow...
As blood out your body...
No man can handle me
No woman can stand me
Strip them from what they hide
Then let my precious devour you in one big bite...
Its my nature
You will love this..then fear it
There is no cure I'll drive you mad
Enter my garden
Once you come in
Your stuck inside me
Becoming my toy
Then food to my lovely babies
What you feel is natural
Just in the end your dead
Don't worry I'll burry you
You will be warm in the ground of your grave
Let me water you everyday
You will grow into a thing of beauty
Then chop with a pair of scissors
Sorry my babies come first, not meat bags
Let my vines hold you...
Press tightly upon your flesh
It will be painful at first
But a pleasure for me
Don't be shy...
Open up to me..I want to see all of it
I know you taste sweet
Let your body treat my plants
Every experience is hard
This is just nature wanting you
Not even the bat can resist
His fate is upon my lips
Can't escape me
I'll pull you back
I'm in your system
Pumping in your blood
My smell will make you go crazy
I'm watching you
With my vine up your spine
I'm a blossom ready to bloom
Standing naked in green
I can be beautiful
Lure you into me
But I will prick your finger
Now give me a kiss...
Could be your last my love.

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