Cold Death

Cold Death

Victor Fries :3

Chapter 1

A Chiller

This is the start of your terror
A blizzard of death is coming
Not even you...Batman can stop it
I'll suck the heat out of you
Leaving you a bone chilling corpse
My heart is stone cold
I'll not hesitate to kill you
I'm holding the gun at your head
So when I say freeze...I mean it
I'm what death feel likes
Your blood will be ice
Strip me from my shell and chamber
All is left is my other half
A poor pale blue soul
With a frozen princess
Longing to awake her with a cure
Driven to keep going...
No matter what path I take
Love make you do many things...
Even go mad
This deep storm of my pain
Will hit you more like a blast
Let it rain of your blood
I'll pull this trigger
You will die
A tragic cold end
I'm stuck in a frozen prison
You will always hit this iceberg
Deep ice shards...
Slowly killing you
Yet I stand still calm and cool
Your a body now frozen over...
This ice box here...
Use to hold a beating heart...
Now just a chiller hollow memory
I'll not fail for my love
Let Gotham fall to me
There is one cold future
Feel my wrath
The deeper the wound
The more blood I get
Buried alive...
Now just one of my ice collections
I can break you into pieces then
Your too late batman
But your next...freeze forever.

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