How to save a life - Orginal Story (My first!!)

I'm not really sure where im going with this story. I just sort of appeared in my head. My first story!!!
All I know for now is:
The main Charcter is called Ruby - itll be in her point of view
And the guy is Jason.
Please comment : )

Chapter 1



'You know what you want. Guide him. Take his hand and lead it to the place you want it to go. Its your right.' My mental voice said. Its voice was one I couldnt quite place but knew all the same.
"I must be going crazy," I said out loud.
"No your not," he said, placing my hair behind my ear.
I felt an unbelivable sadness, for this, for everything. I needed him right now. To take away my fears.
"Take me," I whispered, "Take me now."
And we fell back on the bed togher.


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