The Silver Dragons Lullaby

Chapter 2

The Peaceful Walk

by: Eva_Nara
Stella walked quietly out of the dark house. She locked the door. She was all alone in the night. In her little forest. She walked over to the brook and looked down. Little gold and silver fish swam aginst the current, their scales reflecting the moonlight. She smiled to herself. She loved the forest, espesially at night. It reminded her of dragons. She LOVED dragons.

She touched the milky white tooth around her neck. A dragons tooth, her Uncle told her. She smiled at the thought of the one person who truly loved her. She stood up and walked up the brook. She was headed north to the plaines. Thats where Uncle FyreFly lived. I hope he's awake, she thought to herself. I wouldn't want to wake him.

She had the upmost rerspect for her Uncle. Although he was her mothers brother, they were nothing alike. Just to name a few reasons, he was tall, she was short. He lived with the Earth, she worked in the city. He loved Stella, she didn't. But, Stella's all time favorite reason, was that he loved dragons just as much as her. Her mother hated dragons.

Stella was lost in thought as she walked. If her mother found out she did this, she would be verbally beaten, denied dinner, and sent up to her room for the rest of the day. She didn't care. That was worth seeing Uncle FyreFly again. Her mother had forbidden her from seeing him. "His mind is full of nonsence and madness, and I don't need you getting dumber and weirder than you already are." Stella disliked her mother. Not hated, disliked. She couldn't hate anyone or anything.

She tripped on a rock. "Gah!" She yelped as she fell face-first into the tiny brook. She stood up, her clothes wet. Although the brook was small, water was still wet. Nothing was going to change that. "Ow..." She said quietly, rubbing her ankle. It was scraped. "Well, what do we have here?" A wise voice said from above her. She looked up in the trees and saw a man with a short black beard and black hair. His bright green eyes stared into her shiney silver-yellow ones. He jumped down and huged her. She smiled and huged him back. "Long time, no see, Uncle FyreFly!" She yelled happily.

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