The Silver Dragons Lullaby

Chapter 3

Uncle FyreFly

by: Eva_Nara
"Hello, my little Sterling!" Said FyreFly. He always called her that, though, she never knew why. She laughed. "You know, Mother hates that name."
"Ah, but Dollia isn't here right now."
He let go of Stella and steped back to look at her. "You've grown, little Sterling... Hm.." Stella turned her head. "What's wrong?" She asked. He stood there for a moment, then chuckled. "Your a mess. Look at you!" He teased. "Next time you should look where your going and not daydream about dragons, hu?" She looked at herself. Her wet clothes, her tangled silver hair, her sliced ankle. She laughed at herself. "Yeah, I guess your right!"

"Here," He started as he kneeled down. "Climb up onto my sholders, you cant walk on your ankle."
"Uncle, its just a scrape."
"No, no. It needs medical attention! If you dont clean it soon, it will become infected. Then, it will turn green and be full of bacteria. After that, your entire foot will turn blue, and Ill have to get the ax and chop it off." She stood there for a moment. "....... You said all that just to terrify me, didnt you?" He smiled. "Im only joking, Sterling. Come on, now! We don't have all night."

She climbed onto her Uncles back, and held on. FyreFly ran through the trees as fast as a dragon could. A flying dragon was still faster. In no time were they out of the forest, into the medow, and on the front porch of his house. "Okay," he started. "Im going to open this door in a VERY complicated way." Uncle FyreFly then opened the door in a VERY complicated way.

Key-(Under)a rock+Lock=opened door

"Wow! That was the most amazing thing I've ever seen!" Stella said sarcasticly. He just smiled. They went inside the little home. It wasnt REALLY messy, but it was far from clean. Basicly, organized chaos. "Where's our old Field Guide, Uncle FyreFly? The one we made when I was little?" FyreFly was already at a book case looking before she finnished her scentence. He nocked down a few books in the process. Stella went down to pick them up. She did, she saw something small and shiney under the book case. She picked it up and stared at it in awe. "It's a... A dragon scale!!!"

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