Autumn Mist (Love Story)

About a couple,who go through alot of things because there's this one girl who keeps trying to break them up,because she likes the boy the girl is dating.They go through some things,like jealousy of hanging out with other people,arguments,etc.
And it has alot of crying.

Chapter 1


Name: Alicia Watterman
Age: 16 (Old enough to date)
Height: 5' 1"
Hair: Perfect white-ish blonde hair that passes her waist.
Eyes:blue turquoise eyes.
Skin Tone: pale.
Pet: Kitty named Moonlight
Personality: Loving,sometimes stubborn,Sometimes depressing,Trustworthy,mostly emo,flirty.
Boyfriend: Aiden Scott
Best Friend: Sky Mason
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
About: Alicia is an average girl,16,looking for love.She meets her "Prince Charming" in The "Café Heaven" where she takes a wonderous fall..

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